Wealth management

Wealth management is a sophisticated investment advisory service that encompasses financial planning and specialist financial services.

Wealth management aims to provide wealthy individuals and families with a bespoke tailored service based on their assets and circumstances and cover everything from real estate and investment management to tax compliance, retirement and inheritance planning.

There are now a vast number of specialist providers offering integrated wealth management services. They can help you take care of your finances and are a high-end investment product that is geared towards the wealthiest of individuals.

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209 CMC's have been banned from operating

MOJ revokes licenses of 209 claims management companies

The Ministry of Justice has banned 209 claims management companies from operating for a variety of misdemeanours including charging fees when there is little chance of a successful claim.

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Some Claims Management Companies (CMCs) have a bad reputation and Which? has campaigned against them. I put some questions to Craig Lowther, managing director of a CMC, MoneyBoomerang to get his take on the common criticisms.

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HMRC staff criticise management policies

HM Revenue and Customs has been criticised by its own staff over the way it is being run, with many highlighting top-level decisions as poor.

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The combined increase in wealth enjoyed by the UK as a whole has reached £2.36 trillion, mainly due to the rise in house prices, new research from Lloyds says.

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Northern Rock Asset Management the company set up to manage Northern Rock’s “bad bank” and Bradford & Bingley’s mortgages reports pre-tax profits of £1bn and a £2bn repayment of its government loan.

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