Water bills up 5.8%

Tuesday, 26 February 2008 12:00

Average water bills are set to rise 5.8 per cent to £330 a year.

The water regulator Ofwat announced today bills are rising at 5.8 per cent for water and sewerage services, or 1.5 per cent over November’s inflation figure of 4.3 per cent.

Ofwat chief executive Regina Finn has urged consumers facing troubles paying bills and using low levels of water to consider a meter.

“With household bills generally going up – including increases in energy and council tax – we are aware that bill increases are difficult for some customers,” she said.

“Some customers, particularly those who are low users of water, would save money if they had a water meter installed. Fitting a meter is free of charge and people can find out from their water company whether they would benefit.”

“Clearly any bill increases are going to be unwelcome, but these price rises are essential to enable companies to continue to provide high-quality, secure water and sewerage services both now and for future generations,” she continued.

She added the work of Ofwat meant water bills were £100 lower than they would have been.

Ms Finn went on to call on water firms to introduce innovative tariffs to give customers more choice and control over their bills.

This month Thames Water announced it would start changing smaller homes less for water and properties with more bedroom would see higher bills hitting their doormats.

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