Vodafone drops roaming charges

Thursday, 14 May 2009 11:49

Vodafone today announced it was dropping roaming charges this summer.

Following pressure from the Europe Commission, mobile phone companies are now looking to cut the costs of making calls while abroad.

From June 1st to the end of August, all Vodafone customers can talk, text and send picture messages from over 35 countries for the same price as at home.

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) welcomed the change.

“Mobile technology has changed the way we communicate, and we expect to be able to stay in touch as easily and effectively when we travel as when we are at home,” an ABTA spokesperson said.

“The fact that we will not have to pay through the nose for calls to keep up to date with what is happening is a great boon for British travellers who took nearly 70 million trips abroad last year.”

To take advantage of the scheme, customers will have to sign up to the Vodafone Passport scheme.

UK pay and go customers are also being offered cheaper calls aboard.

“These are two great value offers for our customers this summer. With our Vodafone Passport promotion you can sit on the beach with your phone switched on knowing you can take and make a call just as you would if you were in your back garden,” said Ian Shepherd consumer director for Vodafone UK.

“Vodafone International is good news for the millions of UK pay as you go customers as they can now make calls to family and friends around the world from just 5p.”

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