Updates that add value to your house

Whether you’re planning to move house in the next few months or sometime in the distant future, it pays to think about the improvements you can make to increase its value. If you’re just about to jump ship, then these changes are likely to be smaller, but those planning for the long-term might think big projects that will have a huge impact on the price of the property and on your enjoyment while you’re still living there. Here are a few ideas, both great and small.

Front door

First appearances are the most important, so make sure your home looks welcoming from the off. If your front door is looking weather-beaten, consider replacing it, or giving it a lick of paint. Even a new door knob and door knocker will make a difference, and make sure the path leading up to it is clean and clear of clutter, with any foliage being cut back neatly.

Double glazing

This makes a huge difference to the feel of the house. It’s insulation for both heat and sound, so if you live close to a busy road and you’re selling the place in winter, then your pad will feel much more snug with this installed. It will benefit you both when you live there and when you sell.

The bathroom

Along with the kitchen, this is the most important room for prospective buyers because changing it is a big job. If your bath, sink and toilet are looking sorry for themselves, it might be worth forking out a few hundred pounds for a new bathroom suite (white is always the best option, as any other colour might put some buyers off).

Floors should also be bright and easy to clean, so consider re-tiling if your old ones have become dull or stained (and definitely replace any carpets you might have in there!). If you’re taking out old tiles, you might want to add the luxury of underfloor heating, which can be put in before the new tiles are laid. This will be a real selling point.

The garden

Make this look like a relaxing, easy-to-maintain space. Put out tables and chairs so potential buyers can see what sort of lifestyle it offers, and a deck or patio is also a good idea, if you have the time and money. Otherwise, make sure it’s clean and tidy with weeds removed and trees pruned.

Home office

With more people working from home, it might be a good idea to place a desk and office chair into a spare room to demonstrate how useful this space could be. Perhaps you have a summer house that could be quickly converted into an office, or you may wish to purchase a specialised garden office instead.

For those who can’t add extra bedrooms and bathrooms to improve the value of their homes, there are plenty of other ideas besides. You might be surprised at how a little bit of work and expense not only adds thousands to your home’s value, but also gives you so much enjoyment that you might not want to leave!

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