The Ultimate Superhero Workforce

Running a warehouse can be a hard for anyone, so why not employ a whole team of superheroes to take the workload! Not only will work be done extra fast and efficiently they can also use your warehouse as a base for all their ultra cool missions while trying to save the world.

Now, you may be wondering who would play what role in the warehouse?

Every warehouse needs an Ironman to be part of the team. Iron man is not afraid to spend money in order to achieve the desired results. He has superior intelligence, which helps him to think quickly on his feet. This combination makes him an ideal operations director.

Captain America would make the perfect general manager. His ability to inspire his fellow team member and put others before himself makes him ideal. He is a natural born leader but more than willing to help other should they find themselves in need.

Instead of having forklift all you need is the incredible Hulk. With the Hulk involved, there is no need to shell out any money for expensive heavy lifting equipment! With his strength and speed operations will run ultra smoothly and you will be loading all your products up to be dispatched in no time! Products will be dispatched quickly, meaning your customers will be super pleased with your service.

However should you run into any unhappy customers, Wolverine would be ready on the phones to take calls from any unhappy customers. Wolverine’s ability to deal with high-stress situations makes him the perfect customer service agent. Especially when customers can be a little bit difficult to deal with. He can deal with people who he doesn’t particularly like with ease making him the perfect candidate for any customer service role.

Finally, who wouldn’t want to have Thor the god of lightening working in their warehouse? Just a guest will do fine! He is a god after all, and gods don’t work silly!

PeopleVox WMS brought this infographic to you. Check it out below to see who else would be working in your superhero workforce!

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