Travel insurance always essential

Friday, 06 June 2008 12:00

Travel insurance is essential even for the shortest trips, Norwich Union has warned holidaymakers.

The popularity of short and last minute breaks often means travel insurance is low down on the list, according to research from Sainsbury’s Travel.

Last year, up to 8.8 million UK adults booked a last minute deal to go abroad, but nearly one in five did not buy any travel insurance.

If only travelling for a weekend, the temptation is not to bother getting cover – but this could prove an expensive mistake, Sally Leeman from Norwich Union said.

“Medical emergencies are the biggest single cause of travel claims,” Ms Leeman said.

“The cost of an injury or consequences of an illness that requires hospitalisation and then repatriation can leave a traveller thousands of pounds out of pocket.

“The average travel claim cost in 2006 was £716 and this is typically rising by six per cent a year so it makes very good sense to take out insurance before you go – the EHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance.

“If you are likely to travel a few times a year consider taking out annual insurance – it can save you money and mean you are covered for the whole year which is ideal for those ‘spur of the minute’ trips away.”

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