The Share Centre launches new ISA range with lower charges

Tuesday, 24 January 2012 03:17

The Share Centre has launched its wider range of ISAs as the ISA season approaches.

The portfolio includes its Ready-made ISA which invests in three different funds run by The Share Centre’s sister company Sharefund – the SF Caution fund, the SF Positive fund and the SF Adventurous fund. Investors can choose how they balance their funds between the three options depending on their attitude to risk.

Guy Knight, Sales and Marketing Director at The Share Centre said: “These are fund of funds that invest in well known investment houses and are managed for the investor by our fund experts, Andy Parsons and Sheridan Admans.

“They offer exposure to our preferred range of funds, the majority coming from our Platinum 120 range. There’s no dealing commission, no initial charge, and no account administration, so the full value of the investment goes into the fund.”

Another option is the Self-select Funds ISA which is aimed at investors who just want to invest in funds and has no administration fees. The investor selects from over 2,000 funds available and if you choose from the Platinum 120 range of funds there is no purchase commission and most do not have an initial charge.

Guy Knight said: “We wanted to develop a range of ISAs to cater for every investor, whether they want complete control of their investments or want the tax benefits whilst leaving the investment management to our experts.”

The Share Centre has also introduced fixed administration fees for their Self-select Stocks and Shares ISA which gives investors control of underlying investments for a fixed fee of £12.50 per quarter.

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