The administrator of a charity that uses many domestic appliances wants to know what the best type of insurance policy would be.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011 12:15

Emma Banks, our insurance expert from LV, tackles the problem.

Peter asks:

Hope 4 (Rugby) Ltd is a charity with limited liability to its directors. We run a day centre open 7 part days per week. We have a number of domestic appliances, eg Rangemaster gas cooker, electric kettles and water boiler, toaster, sandwich toaster, dish washing machine, tumble drier, washing machine, fridge and freezer, plus computer and printer and telephone etc. 

Because we use this equipment every day we believe that the type of warranty issued by manufacturers or the extended warranties are not suitable.

Would an annual insurance cover us in the event of breakdown/replacement? What would be the annual premium?

Emma answers:

Because you are looking for insurance for all your appliances plus you are a company there aren’t many insurers that offer this kind of policy. In fact the only company we know of that provide this kind of wide ranging warranty is called Domestic and General (

You’d need to contact them to ask for a quote as they will probably want to know how much you use the more expensive items. It’s worth bearing in mind that items like toasters and kettles are pretty cheap to repair and it might be better not to bother insuring these, but rather just replace them if something untoward happens. 

If you have a question for Emma, go to the Ask the Insurance Expert section.

Or for more information on your insurance options go to LV's insurance site.

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