Tamper-Proof Cash Bags For Extreme Security

Tamper-proof bags are widely used in the transportation of money and other valuable items. Many companies also make use of tamper-proof bags to transport confidential or sensitive documents, not only from theft but also from outside circumstances such as heat and weathering.

Companies that handle large amounts of currency daily regularly make use of tamper-proof cash bags both internationally and locally. Travellers carrying important documents and goods of high value also should make use of these bags.

Tamper-proof cash bags can be used when you have to trust a third party to deliver your documents, money, and valuables. They are durable, water-resistant, and fireproof. These bags are quite arguably the best way to make sure your important possessions are delivered to their destination in the same order they left your hands.

Tamper-proof cash bags are available in both reusable and single-use variants. Reusable tamper proof bags are sealed using a unique number seal as well as a locking chamber. These bags are also equipped with the ability to alert you when someone is trying to tamper with the bags. In addition to being both water and fire resistant the reusable bags are also rip-proof. Reusable tamper proof bags are made from a wide range of materials such as PVC and Cordura, which are extremely durable.

Bags which are designed to be used only once like these from Versapak, are ideal for the transportation of money, exam papers, documents, and medical samples. Additionally, they can be used to move pharmaceutical goods. Various police departments around the world also make use of this variant of tamper roof bag to hold evidence.

Single-use tamper proof bags are manufactured in four grades to suit any budget.

Grade 1: These bags offer the lowest level of protection for its contents. They are also not resistant to cold or heat. Grade 2: This variant is often known as the economical grade. Goods sealed in these bags are resistant to cold but not heat.
Grade 3: This is the second highest grading for the bags. This grade of the tamper-proof bag offers a mild resistance to both heat and cold.
Grade 4: This grade of bag, is made to protect its contents from cold and heat as well as a wide range of solvents and even saliva.

Single-use tamper-proof bags are often made from recyclable materials. They are unique in their design and offer security features which are nearly impossible to replicate. Many are attracted to using these bags, not only for their durability and security but also for the ease with which they transport.

Single and multi-use tamper proof bags offer those who use them instant proof should they be tampered with. It is for this reason that so many industries make use of tamper-proof bags to transport their valuable packages, money, and document. There is no doubt that if you are looking to move anything of value, you should consider a tamper proof bag.

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