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April 6th is the start of the new tax year

A guide to the new tax year

April 6th sees the beginning of a new financial year. This means that a new set of tax allowances and rates apply with implications for all of us. guides you through it.

Student finance options are complex for mature students

Managing your finances as a mature student

The cost of studying is rising for all students but the funding options for mature students who have different financial circumstances are even more complex. Kate Saines provides some clarity.

Student debt set to spiral

Students to graduate with £23,500 debt

Students starting university this year can expect to graduate with debts of up to £23,500, according to research.


Student loan for a new career?

A reader from Northern Ireland is looking at changing careers, and what loan options there are.

Cost of university may rise

University fees may rise

University tuition fees could rise following a new government review.

Students could have fees waived in return for refusing loan

Stay-at-home students 'could have fees scrapped'

The government plans to strengthen consumer rights and offer free financial advice as part of an overhaul of the financial system.

Interest rates on student loans will be negative or 0%

Student loan interest rates under 0%

The interest rate on student loans taken out before 1998 will be negative for the coming year.

Graduates expect student loan interest rates to drop to zero per cent

Student loan 0% interest rate decision soon

A decision on interest rates on student loans is expected next week.

University fees may rise

Universities push for £7,000 annual fees

UK universities want the cap on tuition fees to be raised to £7,000 – facing students with greater debts.

Graduates face interest rate cut on student loans

Student loan interest cut

Interest rates on student loans are to be cut, following recent rate reductions from the Bank of England.

Graduates could start earning money from student loans

Student loan interest could be wiped away

The interest rate on student loans could be wiped away next year as inflation is set to drop to below zero per cent and people could start earning money on their loans.

Students more likely to see an overdraft than dreaming spires

Jobs and parents needed to top up student loans

Students rely on a number of sources of income to fund their studies but few avoid getting into debt, new research finds.

Students in Scotland can save £1,951 a year, and graduate with debts under £10,000

Save £10,000 by studying in Scotland

Students choosing to go to university in Scotland can save £1,951 a year, meaning they will graduate with debts of less than £10,000 on average.

Teenagers are rejecting student debt in favour of jobs right away

Teens rejecting university for jobs now

The majority of 16 to 21-year-olds would rather start earning money straight away than head to university.

The cost of university accommodation has risen 23% in 2 years

Cost of university accommodation up 23%

The cost of university accommodation has risen 23 per cent in two years.

Millions of young Britons are in large amounts of debt

Young Brits in £2,860 of debt

Some 2.4 million young Britons have credit card, loan, and overdraft debts averaging £2,860, new figures show.

Cash is thin on the ground for students this year

Financially 'harder than ever' for students

Students are facing a harder time now than ever before with their finances, experts have warned.

Student loans, credit card bills, and overdrafts are responsible for half of university drop outs

Student debt to blame for 50% of drop-outs

High debts are responsible for 50 per cent of the people who drop out of university.

54% more students are now combining studies with jobs

Students 'forced' to work while studying

The number of students being forced to do paid work to help them finance their studies is rising.

Student debt fell for the first time this year

First-ever drop in student debt

Students borrowed less money last year for the first time since records began, new figures show.

Prospective students think a degree will cost them £33,512

Cost of a degree rises to £33,512

Freshers starting university this year expect to pay £33,512 for a three-year degree course.


Do student loans affect mortgages?

Ever wondered how student loans affect mortgages?

Parents and prospective students underestimate the cost of university

Parents and children clueless about the cost uni

Both parents and prospective students massively underestimate the cost of going to university.

Students are to get easier access to loans

Student loans to get simpler

Potential students will soon be able to apply for loans online, at the same time they apply for their place at university under new plans.

Students are increasingly living at home to save money

Students staying at home to save money

While it is seen by many as a first taste of freedom, money worries mean tens of thousands of undergraduates are living with their parents.

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