Student bank accounts

If you are at university or likely to start soon the most important feature you should judge to assess which is the best account for you is the amount and length of the interest free overdraft facility.

Spending three or more years at university is becoming more expensive so the most important account feature is the amount you can borrow for free.

Banks are extremely keen to attract students to sign up to their student bank accounts because the majority of students will stick with that bank in their working lives when they become an attractive customer and are earning, on average, a higher salary than most people.

Although the end of your course may seem a long way off another point to consider is how long the interest free period lasts at the end of your course as it is important to try and repay the debt before the bank starts charging interest on the overdraft balance.

Graduate bank accounts are also available to help you at the end of your course and are a method of extending the interest free overdraft period as well as often providing preferential rates on personal loans and credit cards.

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