Stakeholder Pension

New research reveals that one in three UK workers is not saving for a pension

One in three UK workers aren't saving for a pension

Research by the Prudential reveals that one in three UK employees are not saving for a pension and missing out on an average of £15,000 in tax relief over the course of their working lives.


What's the best stakeholder pension?

A reader from Newcastle wants to know which stakeholder pension scheme has the best track record.

Most Brits don't realise the tax incentives attached to stakeholder pensions exist

Tax benefits of stakeholder pensions ignored

The majority of Britons do not realise the tax incentives attached to stakeholder pensions exist, new research shows.

Six out of ten women are failing to financially prepare for retirement

Women still failing to prepare for retirement

Many Britons are still failing to save for their retirement, experts have warned.

14% annual returns are possible with the switch to Personal Accounts

Tax break gives up to 14% annual returns

A new tax break that can offer annual returns of up to 14 per cent is coming up thanks to the move to the new Personal Accounts pension plans.

More and more people are taking out pension schemes for children

Pensions for children?

Savings for retirement are best started young, and increasingly large numbers of people are taking out pensions for their children.

7.1m workers do not know about pensions tax benefits

Workers unaware that pensions are tax-free

Two working people in five have no idea that saving for a pension has tax benefits, new research shows.

Many women aren't contributing to their pension while bringing up the baby

Women missing out on pension benefits

A large number of women do not pay into a pension because they think they have to be working to do so, thus jeopardising their retirement income.

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