Spread the risk with SIT

Wednesday, 14 April 2004 12:00

The Scottish Investment Trust (SIT) is offering the chance for investors to spread their risk.

The SIT PEP allows customers to transfer funds globally over a range of sectors, thereby minimising the danger of a crash in any sector.

With stock markets and global recovery still uncertain, many investors seem to be seeking this diversification in their portfolios.

SIT’s facility has no initial plan transfer charges and has a low annual management charge of just £30 (plus VAT). The trust emphasises these charges remain constant no matter how many SIT PEPs are held.

The marketing manager at the Scottish Investment Trust, Sherry Ann Sweeting, comments, “As consumers can no longer invest in PEPs, these investment are often forgotten about. Consolidating your PEP investments with fewer managers can reduce your administrative and paperwork burdens and impact significantly on your overall costs”.

The facility additionally provides investors with a twice-yearly report on their PEPs performance. Also it has the added advantage over single company PEPs, in that funds can be transferred easily and are not tied solely to the performance of one company.

Ms Sweeting adds that the benefit of portfolio balancing allows consumers to bring their portfolio in line with current market conditions and their own circumstances, which may have changed since their PEPs were first set up.

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