Skipton Building Society launches new fixed-rate bonds

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 11:29

Savers who want to make as much money as they can on their bonds could be interested in a new range of products from Skipton Building Society.

The company has launched fixed-rate bonds that replace its existing offerings to increase available interest rates for customers.

For example, someone taking out a one-year fixed-rate bond and putting between £500 and £24,999 into it can benefit from a rate of 2.85 per cent AER, up from 2.45 per cent.

Meanwhile, people depositing the same amount but for two years can see interest returns of 3.05 per cent, up from the previous 2.85 per cent.

Skipton Building Society's Kris Brewster said: "We are delighted to be able to reward savers even more with a rate increase on our shorter-term products, while continuing to offer excellent value across our bond range."

With more than £14 billion in assets and 772,000 members, Skipton is the the UK's fourth largest building society.

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