Short Term Loan

Valuation for secured loans - Your questions answered

Valuation for secured loans – Your questions answered

You can free up the value of your assets without having to sell them.

Social loans will be interest-free

Social fund loans 'will be interest-free'

Emergency borrowers from the government's social fund will not be charged interest, the government has confirmed.

The new proposals would see emergency loans from credit unions charging an interest rate of up to 26.8 per cent APR

Govt 'could charge poorest' for emergency loans

The government may begin charging interest on loans provided by credit unions to some of the country's poorest citizens.

Britons are handing £510 million a year in loans to their friends and family

Britons lending their friends £510m a year

Britons are handing £510 million a year in loans to their friends and family.

The Competition Commission has published a list of "remedies" for the doorstep loan market

Doorstep loans set to become clearer

The doorstep loan market will be opened up to competition and become clearer for customers and cheaper under new rules set out today.

The government should act to help poor Britons get access to cheap loans

Govt 'must act' on expensive loans

An influential group of MPs has called on the government to do more to tackle expensive lenders and loan sharks.


Short-term loans

There are two main forms of short-term loan. The first type is a loan that is taken out over a matter of days or weeks, often then repaid on payday or when pension or benefit payments come in. The other sort is a loan taken out over a series of months, but generally less than a year.

150 MPs have signed a motion to cap interest rates on doorstep loans

MPs call for a cap on doorstep loans

A campaign to cap the interest rates charged by doorstep lenders has received the backing of more than 150 MPs.

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