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Confused about pensions? Ask the Expert!

Can I raise funds from an old work pension?

A reader wants to know what options and tax implications there are about raising funds against an old employers pension.

Alliance Trust Savings suggests opening an SIPP for children

Alliance Trust Savings suggests opening an SIPP for children

Starting up a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) for children today could result in them being millionaires when they reach retirement.

JPJShare's new SIPP has no annual fees

JPJShare launches SIPP with no annual fees has released a new self-invested personal pension (SIPP) plan with no annual fees.

Increased life expectancy means we need to fund our retirements for longer

Why you need to start saving for a pension now

Despite the introduction of a single-tier pension increased life expectancy means most of us will be funding our retirement for longer and it may not be sensible to rely on the government.

Sipps allow people to build their own pension fund

Sipps: What are they and who are they for?

Self invested personal pensions (Sipps) allow you to choose and manage the investments that are used to fund your pension, but having the freedom of a DIY pension comes at a cost.


Ascentric launches new Sipp saving option

Ascentric is offering a new account through its investment platform which provides a new cash-based savings option for customers' pensions.


Investec pays 2.5% on Sipp cash account

Investec Private Bank is paying interest of 2.5 per cent on its Pension and Trust Reserve Account.


EPM opens door to smaller pension pots

European Pensions Management (EPM) is opening up its self-invested personal pension (Sipp) to investors with smaller pots of cash.

Sipp cash rates losing investors returns

Poorly paying Sipps costing £579m

Poorly paying self-invested personal pensions (Sipps) cash accounts could be costing investors over £579 million a year.


Starting out with Sipps?

A reader has £100,000 and wants to invest in a self-invested personal pension.

Sipp changes for protected rights

Government announces Sipp changes

New changes to self invested pension plans (Sipps) will now allow savers greater freedom.

Pension plans based on property face difficult times

My pension is my property: Retirement plans cracked by credit crunch

Massive rises in property prices over the last ten years have seen many people look to bricks and mortar to provide their pensions.

Pensions: Over 40s confused by pensions

One in three over 40s with no pension plans

More than a third of the over 40s have no retirement plans in place.

Pensions: Sipps become the next plasma TV as status symbol

Sipps: New pension status symbol?

Stock market falls have hit Sipp investors in recent weeks, leaving many to consider if self-investment is the best investment.

Pensions: Investments not adding up

Pension fund returns 'worst in five years'

2007 saw the lowest returns for pension funds in five years, according to new research.

Sipps - More scope for self-investors

'More choice' for Sipp-sters

Self invested personal pension schemes (Sipps) status will be extended to more users planning their own pensions.

Most women think their pension will not give them enough money in retirement

Women's personal pension funds 'inadequate'

Most women in the UK think their personal pension fund will not offer them enough money in retirement.

The cost of setting up Sipps has dropped 13 per cent in the last year

Cheaper pensions as Sipps price war erupts

The cost of setting up self-invested personal pensions (Sipps) has dropped 13 per cent in the last year as providers compete to secure your business.

Six out of ten women are failing to financially prepare for retirement

Women still failing to prepare for retirement

Many Britons are still failing to save for their retirement, experts have warned.

The pre-Budget report has thrown the pensions term assurance market into "chaos"

Pensions term assurance in chaos

The market for pensions term assurance – a way of getting cheaper life insurance by using pension tax breaks – has been thrown into "chaos" by the pre-Budget report.


Self-invested personal pensions (Sipps)

Self-invested personal pensions (Sipps) are a way of saving for retirement that puts you in control of your investments.

Complicated jargon is putting people off arranging a pension

Decoding pensions jargon

Complicated financial jargon confuses consumers and causes them to steer clear of crucial issues like pension provision.

Experts expect more people to invest in Sipps post A-day

A-day changes boost Sipps

In the wake of the sweeping pensions changes on A-day, experts expect self invested pension plans (Sipps) to be the big winners.

UK pensions are transformed as A-day arrives

A-day arrives transforming pensions

On April 6th the UK's pension laws underwent their largest change in half a century.

Sipps uptake is predicted to accelerate beyond A-Day

Sipps uptake set to accelerate

The uptake of Self Invested Personal Pensions (Sipps) is set to accelerate despite residential property no longer being a permitted investment.

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