Sash Windows Kettering Delivers Excellent Value uPVC Sash Windows for Kettering Clients

Sash Windows Kettering creates quality sash windows that are reasonably priced and are made from Un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC), which offers benefits such as heat conservation, soundproofing, ductility and durability. The original design of the home is maintained with these sash windows – with modern technology applied so that problems from heat convection and poor durability are dramatically lower.

Sash Windows Kettering Provides Cost-Effective Solutions to Customers in Kettering

According to recent research in Kettering by an agent of Sash Windows Kettering, the main reason people choose to renovate and repair rather than replace windows is because of the costs involved. As an answer to the issues raised, Sash Windows Kettering now offers sash windows of premium quality and at highly affordable rates.

Reputable standing across the country

As a result of their superior service delivery process, Sash Windows Kettering has enjoyed increased respect and patronage, and has become one of the preferred Sash Window companies in Kettering. Their month on month sales increased by more than 10% between January 2015 and December 2015 and 2016 saw a further 20% month on month rise.

Sash Windows Kettering’s step by step purchase process

According to the company, ordering from Sash Windows Kettering is a simple process, and people can follow the step by step details below –

  • Book an appointment via phone or email.
  • Get a complete pricing the following working day.
  • Pay a deposit.
  • Approve a time for installing the windows.
  • At the end of the process, be issued a FENSA certificate.

Sash Windows Kettering’s easy supply procedure

Improving the beauty of a property is now much easier with Sash Windows Kettering’s simplified procedure of Sash Window supply and installation. Options offered by Sash Windows Kettering, include Timber Casement and Storm Proof styles. After the purchase process, getting new windows is quick. Below are the steps as mentioned by the representative of the company –

  • A phone call will be placed to schedule the time of delivery as soon as the products are in stock.
  • They provide delivery notes with each order to check the state of your goods so as to ensure that they are in good condition.
  • Inspect goods for problems – They run inspections to ensure that goods are in optimal condition If you find any problems, contact them.
  • Shipping costs – Free shipping for Customers in Kettering.

A brief rundown on Sash Windows Kettering

Sash Windows Kettering is an established manufacturer of quality, affordable Sash windows in Kettering. By their professionalism, they ensure that their clients are always satisfied. To visit our website go to

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