Saga: Easy access travel insurance

Friday, 04 September 2009 12:00

Over-50s buying travel insurance with Saga will find it easy to declare any pre-existing medical conditions, the insurer vowed this week.

It said it would try and cover the majority of pre-existing conditions as well as offering comprehensive cover to customers should their holiday be cancelled or their luggage lost or stolen.

Saga is promoting the policy as it publishes research revealing many people aged over 70 may not be eligible for travel cover if their policy is part of a packaged account offered by the high street banks.

It is urging people aged 50 plus to check their policies, if they hold one, to ensure there is enough cover to meet their needs.

It said many banks’ travel packages did not cover pre-existing medical conditions unless they had been declared by the customer and agreed by the bank.

And it highlighted the benefits of its own insurance package. Saga said it made it simple to declare any pre-existing conditions and took customers though a quick medical screening to ensure they had crucial cover in place.

Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman of Saga, said: “At Saga we believe that all over 50s should have access to comprehensive travel insurance policies.

“We urge any older people, should they have an included insurance with their bank account, to check they are fully covered and that there is no upper age limit on that policy.”

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