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Interest only mortgages

An interest only mortgage is a loan secured against the value of a property that is not designed to be paid off.

Bad credit mortgages

A bad credit mortgage, also known as a non-conforming mortgage or adverse credit mortgage, is a loan secured against the value of a property designed for people with poor credit histories.

Mortgage insurance

Mortgage payment protection insurance covers monthly mortgage payments for a set period if the borrower becomes unemployed or prevented from working because of sickness or disability.


Travel insurance

For more information and articles on travel insurance please click here.


Debt management loans

A debt management loan is a loan designed to help bring together existing borrowing to reduce your monthly payments.


Offshore savings accounts

Offshore savings accounts are savings accounts where money or assets are placed in a country other than the one in which you live.


Commercial mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan taken out to help fund the purchase of land or buildings that will be used for business purposes.


Driving ban assistance

Driving ban assistance is a product that will cover the cost of travel for people issued with a driving ban.


Ethical investments

Ethical investments are investments in stocks, shares, and businesses that are made along moral as well as profit-making grounds.


Lifetime mortgages

Lifetime mortgages are a way for older homeowners to access some of the value of their home without having to make repayments or move house.


Equity Release

Equity release is a way for older homeowners to access some of the value of their home without having to make repayments or move house.


Fund supermarkets

Essentially, fund supermarkets are platforms letting you buy a fund or a selection of funds with choice of many different fund providers (typically more than 50).


Maxi ISA

Maxi ISAs are individual savings accounts that let people invest up to £7,000 a year tax-free.


Equity ISA

Equity ISAs are a way of investing up to £7,000 a year in the markets without being charged income tax or capital gains tax on profits.


Mini ISA

Mini ISAs are a way of saving money for the future tax-free.


Variable rate mortgages

Variable rate mortgages are loans secured against the value of a property where the interest charged by the lender can vary.


Commercial van insurance

Commercial van insurance is insurance that covers vans owned by companies rather than individuals.


Mini cash ISA

Mini cash ISAs are tax-free savings accounts designed to encourage those on low incomes to save for their future.


ISA investments

ISA investments are investments in stocks and shares or cash savings that are sheltered from tax in an individual savings account (ISA).


Investment bonds

Investment bonds are investments with insurance providers where people pay a lump-sum into a product which is then invested on their behalf.


Share dealing

Share dealing is the process by which stock market investments are traded.


Stock market investments

Stock market investments are investments in publicly listed companies.


Investment trusts

Investment trusts are companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange whose sole purpose is to manage the investments they own.


Investment funds

Investment funds are a method of individual investors gaining access to a wide section of the market.


Occupational pensions

Occupational pensions are a way of saving money for your retirement that is linked to a job.

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