Private Pension

The OFT is to investigate defined contribution pension schemes

OFT to probe new auto-enrolment company pension schemes

Auto-enrolment is gradually being introduced, increasing the number of people using company pension schemes, so the OFT is launching a study to protect savers.

Over 50's are underestimating their life expectancy, warns a new report

NAPF warns over 50's "sleepwalking into old age"

A new report says that over 50's are underestimating how long they will need to fund their retirement for and are "sleepwalking" into old age.

Pensioners today are better of than before, according to the ONS

ONS reveals today's pensioners better off than ever before

New data published by the Office for National Statistics shows that pensioners disposable income average £17,700 and that today's pensioners are better of than ever before.

Auto-enrolment begins today

Pensions: Auto-enrolment begins today for biggest firms

The government's new pension scheme, auto-enrolment starts today for the UK's biggest companies and it is hoped more than four million people will be using it by May 2014.

Auto-enrolment aims to get Brits saving for retirement

Can auto-enrolment transform the UK pensions landscape?

Auto-enrolment begins on Monday 1st October 2012. It will be gradually introduced over five years and is designed to encourage employees to save for their retirement.

Dr Ros Altmann of Saga says people have lost faith in pensions

Can auto-enrolment reverse the decline in pension savings?

Official figures show that the number of people saving into a private pension has fallen below three million for the forst time since records began. Can auto-enrolment save the day?

Employees are realising that they need to save more for retirement

Pensions survey shows workers willing to pay more

Auto-enrolment is still a mystery to the majority of employees but the amount they are prepared to pay into a pension has doubled in the last year from £37.50 to £76.95.

Company directors receive pensions 24 times the average, says a TUC backed report

FTSE 100 bosses receive pensions worth 24 times average

A survey commissioned by the TUC concludes that the gap in retirement savings is growing and FTSE 100 directors receive 24 times more pension than average.

Put your question to's pensions expert

What are the pitfalls of releasing funds from a pension policy?

A reader has come across a scheme that is offering to release funds from an old pension scheme he has invested and wants to know the pitfalls.

Put your questions to's pensions expert

Can I force a previous employer to release my pension funds?

A woman wants to know if she can cash in her pension with a previous employer

CBI's John Cridland calls for infrastructure action

Infrastructure investment must be more attractive, says CBI

The CBI is calling for the Government to boost the economy by encouraging private pension funds to invest in public sector infrastructure projects.

The ONS has released details of the UK's future pension liabilities

UK total pension liability reaches £7.1 trillion, says ONS

The Office for National Statistics says that the total pensions liability for current UK pensioners and existing workers future pensions is £7.1 trillion.

Projected retirement income is lower for women, according to the Prudential

One in six people retiring will rely solely on state pension

New research from the Prudential reveals that one in six peoplke retiring this year have no private pension provision and that the problem is worse for women.

LV= has launched a new low cost pension plan

LV= launch new low cost pension plan

LV= has announced details of its new low cost pension plan that reduces the annual fee to just 0.25 per cent.

Make the most of your money at retirement

What will happen to annuity rates in 2012?

If you are planning to retire in 2012 then scoring the annuities market and selecting an annuity using the open market option is vital, says Kate Saines.

UK employees pension saving has declined sharply since 1999

Pension saving in the UK falls to lowest level for 12 years

Just 38 per cent of UK workers are saving into a private pension, the lowest level since 1999 as high inflation and low wage rises put the squeeze on spare money.

New research reveals that one in three UK workers is not saving for a pension

One in three UK workers aren't saving for a pension

Research by the Prudential reveals that one in three UK employees are not saving for a pension and missing out on an average of £15,000 in tax relief over the course of their working lives.

The UK is facing a large pension deficit

UK total pensions liability increases by 75% in just one month

The Pension Protection Fund has released details of the pension deficit facing UK companies and due to a disastrous August for the FTSE 100, the total deficit has increased from £67.3 billion in July to £117 billion in August.

Universal state pension could be equivalent to £200,000 private pension

Universal state pension plans announced

The planned overhaul of the state pension system could see savers benefitting from the equivalent of a £217,000 private pension.

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