New regular income bond unveiled at Barclays

Barclays launches 6% regular income bond

Barclays Wealth has introduced a new bond offering investors a monthly income of six per cent pa equivalent over a six year term.

Find out how to maximise your retirement income

How to protect your retirement income

Choosing to buy an annuity through the open market option is one way of getting a better deal for your retirement. Kate Saines explains how to get the most out of your pension.

Vodafone is believed to have struck a deal which meant it did not have to pay as much as £4.75 billion in tax

HMRC tax boss promises to clarify tax deals

Permanent secretary on tax at HMRC Dave Hartnett has said he will explain the deals thought to have let off Vodafone and Goldman Sachs from paying millions.

Brits are choosing holidays over pension payments, it has been revealed

Britons opting for clothes and holidays instead of pension payments – Pru

Millions of Britons are living in the here and now rather then preparing for their future, buying holidays and clothes instead of putting money aside in a pension, new research has found.

Pensions are a dull subject but if you get it right you'll thank yourself in old age

Take control of your pension, don't ignore it!

The mere mention of pensions seems to make the UK collectively mist over, but with a small amount of research and a few hours focus a year you can control your future.

Many more over-50s are planning to use their property to pay their way in retirement, it has been revealed

'Hippies' using property rather than pension to pay for retirement

The number of over-50s deciding to rely on the value of their property to pay for their retirement has risen sharply in the last year, new research has found.

Pensioners could enjoy a much bigger retirement income if they shop around, the ABI has said

ABI urges Britons to shop around for the best annuity

The Association of British Insurers has said it is more vital than ever for individuals to look for the best deal on their annuity rather than opting for their existing provider.

Pensioner sets up own investment advice vehicle

Retiree sets up own investment intelligence tool

A retired furniture maker who became disillusioned with the state of his pension fund has set up his own investor intelligence tool.

Vince Cable is set to make his keynote speech at the Liberal Democrat conference today

Cable to target fat cats by giving shareholders more control over pay

Vince Cable has said that shareholders should have more say in rewarding or penalising company directors on pay based on the success or failure of the companies they represent.

The pension age should rise faster than under the current timetable, the government has said

Pension age must rise more quickly, government says

The government has said that plans to increase the state pension age to 67 must be speeded up.

George Osborne has been urged to ditch the 50p rate

Leading economists urge Osborne to scrap 50p tax rate

Leading economists have written an open letter urging the government to stimulate growth by scrapping the higher tax rate.

Bosses' bonuses have risen sharply in the last decade, it has been revealed

Top bosses' bonuses 'rise by 187 per cent in ten years'

Bonus packages for FTSE 100 company directors have soared since 2002, a study has revealed.

Chancellor George Osborne is under pressure to boost growth

UK growth 'lagging behind leading economies'

New figures from the OECD have shown Britain's economy is growing more slowly than other leading nations.

Pensioners' savings are falling in real terms, according to the Prudential

Pensioner spending power to fall by £2.9bn – Prudential

Pensioners are seeing their savings pots reduce in value as a result of low interest rates and high inflation, it has been suggested.

Inheritance is increasingly being expected early

Many Brits have already received their inheritance

One in five Brits has already had their inheritance as family's help their kids pay for weddings and get on the property ladder.

A third of Brits don’t have a pension

More than a third of Brits have no pension

Pension provision is severely lacking in the UK – especially among the young.

Nurses are among the public sector employees who face increased pension contributions

Extra pension contributions for public sector workers revealed

Leaked documents show the government plans to add up to £3,000 per year to public sector pension contributions under reforms to the state provision.

IFAs are giving out poor pensions advice and charging hidden fees, Consumer Focus has warned

Consumer Focus criticises standard of pension advice

Too many individuals are receiving poor advice from IFAs, Consumer Focus has said.

JPJShare's new SIPP has no annual fees

JPJShare launches SIPP with no annual fees has released a new self-invested personal pension (SIPP) plan with no annual fees.

Proposals to reform the way people pay for care in old age have been welcomed by the government

Govt welcomes Dilnot Commission proposals on care funding

Recommendations contained in an independent report into the funding of social care have been welcomed by the government.

Pensioners missing out on benefit payments

Pensioners not claiming benefits

Some elderly people could be able to lay claim to upwards of £2000 in benefits.

Many Brits without a will

Half of Brits have no will

Around 50 per cent of the British public do not have a will prepared in the event of their death.

A new flat-rate state pension is to be announced

Government to announce new flat-rate state pension

The government is preparing to announce full details of a simplified state pension that pays a flat-rate and that will be introduced in 2015 or 2016.

Sipps allow people to build their own pension fund

Sipps: What are they and who are they for?

Self invested personal pensions (Sipps) allow you to choose and manage the investments that are used to fund your pension, but having the freedom of a DIY pension comes at a cost.

NEST sets out investment approach

NEST sets out investment approach

The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) has revealed its investment strategy and funds selection to its members.

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