Online points systems are a sensible option for employee reward schemes

Monday, 10 October 2011 10:55

Online points systems are a sensible option

Online points systems are a sensible option

Are you having trouble coming up with schemes designed to boost employee motivation? An online points system could be a sensible option.

This online rewards initiative can be a great way to incentivise your staff to push themselves to get the best results, meet targets and achieve the goals you have set for your business.

And there is another very important reason why it can make sense to offer your employees the chance of bagging a bonus – it clearly demonstrates how much you value their efforts.

After all, feeling appreciated can help to boost loyalty within your office, while also showing that the hard work that is put in by each department does not go unnoticed.

So, what is the simplest and most effective way to achieve this?

An online points system could be one option you want to consider. Such an initiative can be used to incentivise, reward or recognise achievements, while you can also utilise it as a communication platform.

Accessing one easy-to-use online portal, you will be able to manage the programme you have chosen so that you can monitor and control it, as well as promote it to your employees.

One of the areas you may most clearly like to communicate to your staff is the gifts they could receive if they are able to meet the targets that have been set for them, or if they personally prove to be excelling.

The options available can range from gift vouchers to be spent on theatre trips, clothes, meals out or shopping, to exciting experience days.

Alternatively, you could choose to give away CDs as part of your employee schemes, or why not go for electrical appliances?

Another great idea may be to make an activity day available as the prize for the team or department that performs the best, as this will also give them a good opportunity to bond and come back an even tighter unit.

In addition to giving you total control of the management of the scheme you have chosen, an initiative like this can be used over either the short or long-term depending on your requirements.

So, if you want to ensure staff morale is never low at your place of work, why not start designing your employee reward scheme today?



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