New rules on energy bills and tariffs are being introduced

Ofgem introduces clearer energy billing and tariff options

The energy regulator Ofgem is forcing energy firms to introduce clearer billing and tariff options for energy companies as part of its Retail Market Review.

Ofgem had already imposed a fine of £1.8m on npower in 2008 for mis-selling.

Npower receives second £1m+ fine in a month

Npower has agreed to a penalty of £3.5 million from Ofgem for breaching sales rules and misleading consumers.

Ofgem data shows energy forms profits have tripled in 3 years

"Big six" energy firms see profits rise by 77% in a year

New data from the energy regulator Ofgem shows that the justification given by energy firms for their price rises and profits is false as profits triple in just three years.

Ofgem has rejected the costing plans of 5 out of 6 electricity firms

Ofgem orders five energy distribution firms to cut costs

Ofgem, the energy industry regulstor, has rejected five out of six electricity distribution plans from leading firms in the industry and ordered them to cut costs.

Energy firms are to face questions from MPs over price increases

Energy price increases called into question by Ofgem

The energy regulator, Ofgem says that average net profits for the "big six" energy suppliers have more than doubled in the last 12 months calling into question the reasons given by them for recent price hikes.

Scottish Power have been fined for misselling

Scottish Power to repay £8.5m to customers after Ofgem probe

Scottish Power have been fined £7.5 million by the regulator after an investigation found that staff were not properly trained and misled customers when selling products.

E.ON has pulled a discounted energy tariff for the over 60's

E.on pulls cheaper energy tariff for over 60's

One of the UK's biggest energy firms, E.on has pulled a discounted energy tariff for the over 60's blaming new rules that limit the number of tariffs a firm can offer to four per fuel.

Switching energy suppliers should take just one day, says First Utility

First Utility calls for 24 hour energy switching service

Independent energy provider First Utility says the energy switching process should take just one day and this would save UK households £1.5 billion every year.

SSE and E.ON have ended cold calling

SSE and E.ON pull the plug on cold calling

Two of the UK's biggest energy firms have decided to stop the practice of cold calling customers after a regulatory crackdown from Ofgem that has seen both firms receive fines.

Ofgem has supported a recent decision by the Select Committee

Ofgem welcomes recommendations for energy industry transparency

Ofgem has supported a recent decision by the energy and climate change Select Committee that the industry needs to be more transparent for consumers

Ofgem wants new laws to tackle electricity theft, much of which is used for illegal growing of cannabis

Cannabis farms responsible for £70 million of electricity theft

The energy regulator Ofgem wants new laws so that energy firms can be fined if they don't investigate energy theft which is worth £200 million annually, £70 million of which comes from theft to power cannabis factories.

Ofgem has proposed that the electricity market needs to be opened up

Energy reforms will mean a "simpler, clearer and fairer market"

Energy regulator Ofgem has proposed that the electricity market needs to be opened up to independent companies and that customers should be given a "simpler, clearer and fairer market".

Ian Marchant, boss of SSE received £2.6m last year

SSE boss sees pay double to £2.6m despite Ofgem penalty

The boss of SSE, Ian Marchant received total remuneration of £2.6 million last year, almost double the previous year despite SSE being fined £10.5 million by Ofgem for mis-selling.

uSwitch supports Ofgem's recommendations to open up energy market

Big energy firms must "open up market" or face penalties

uSwitch has backed Ofgem's proposals that the energy market needs to be opened up to wider competition.

Ofgem is investigating six energy firms for not meeting targets

Six energy firms miss Ofgem targets on reducing energy bills

Ofgem is investigating six energy firms who have missed their targets on offering consumers ways to minimise their energy costs.

Which? has criticised Ofgem for energy reforms

Which? wants energy bills in same format as petrol prices

Consumer champion Which? is warning that proposals by Ofgem could lead to an increased number of tariffs and end up costing customers an extra £55 million.

SSE has received a £10.5m fine from Ofgem

SSE boss to get £400k pension as he refuses to resign

One of the "big six" energy suppliers, SSE has been fined £10.5 million by the energy regulator Ofgem for lying to potential new customers and mis-selling.

SSE: "Lights could go out in the UK"

SSE cuts power generation and warns "lights could go out" in UK

One of the "big six" power companies, SSE has warned that government dithering has influenced its decision to cut power generation and warns that the UK could experience power cuts.

Energy bills are set to be revamped to be clearer

Ofgem energy reforms need to be extended to small businesses

Ofgem has launched a government-backed initiative which will limit the number of energy tariffs available and force firms to tell you if you can get a better deal.

The UK faces a struggle to keep the lights on

Ofgem boss warns of rising energy costs as supplies tighten

Alistair Buchanan the chief executive of Ofgem, the energy regulator has warned that energy supplies are on a "rollercoaster" and heading "downhill fast."

Ofgem needs to protect consumers, say MPs

Ofgem must protect consumers on tariffs and prices, say MPs

A new report from MPs says that the energy regulator Ofgem needs more bite in tackling tariffs and prices offered by the "big six" energy companies.

The National Grid may dispute Ofgem's recommendations

Ofgem approves £24b energy grid upgrades adding £12 to bills

Ofgem has announced that it will allow National Grid and other companies to spend £24 billion upgrading the utilities infrastructure whill will add an average of £12 to a households annual bill.

Energy firm E.On has been fined £1.4m by Ofgem

E.On fined £1.4m by Ofgem over exit fee charges

The energy regulator Ofegm has fined E.On £1.4 million for charging customers exit fees after price increases. E.On is also paying £300,000 to a consumer fund.

Ofgem is calling for simpler tariffs and cheapest energy options to be on bills

Ofgem plan could save Cameron's bacon over energy policy

Ofgem has launched a 3-point plan for a "simpler, clearer and fairer" energy market and the timing could help David Cameron salvage the government's energy policy.

EU regulations risk the UK's capacity to be self-sufficient in energy poduction

Loss of energy capacity will mean higher bills and risk of blackouts

A new report from Ofgem says that EU legislation which will lead to the closure of coal power stations means the UK's energy capacity will be reduced leading to higher bills.

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