Offshore Savings Accounts


Skipton offers offshore bond

A savings bond providing 3.75 per cent interest has been launched by the offshore arm of Skipton Building Society.

Icesave lost savings cash returned to the UK

Iceland to repay for lost savings

The Icelandic government has agreed to repay the UK cash lost when its banking system collapsed.

Isle of Man savers are fighting to get their money back

Isle of Man savers set to reject compensation offer

Savers who lost almost £1 billion in Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander (KSF), the Icelandic bank based on the Isle of Man, are set to vote against a compensation offer.

Tax havens in far off islands and closer to home are named

Tax havens named by OECD

A list of countries and territories named and shamed as tax havens has been released by the OECD after the G20 agreement in London yesterday.

Brown takes on tax havens

Brown takes action on tax havens at G20 as $1tn deal forged

The G20 will take action on tax havens – as a part of the measures to encourage transparency in finance – as a £1 trillion deal to boost the economy was launched.

Council's Iceland failure revealed

Councils 'negligent' over Iceland savings warnings

Local councils failed to heed warnings over the safety of £954 million of deposits invested in Icelandic banks.


New interest rates announced by AIB

Allied Irish Banks has announced a variety of changes to the interest rates for mortgages and savings, effective from January 28th 2009.

Irish banks take protection

Six Irish banks sign up to saver guarantee

Six Irish institutions have signed up to a government plan to guarantee their operations.

Ex-pat savers call for deposit protection

Ex-pat savers accuse Brown of 'stealing cash'

UK ex-pat savers are accusing Gordon Brown of "illegally taking cash" held in Guernsey and Isle of Man accounts after the collapse of Icelandic banks.


Offshore savings accounts

Offshore savings accounts are savings accounts where money or assets are placed in a country other than the one in which you live.

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