Steve Webb says he will be watching pension charges "like a hawk"

Auto-enrolment could be scuppered by high charges on old schemes

A new report by the Pensions Institute warns that the success of auto-enrolment could be put at risk if employers use old defined-contribution schemes that have high charges.

Auto-enrolment is here! How will it affect you?

Auto-enrolment is here: How will it affect you?

Auto-enrolment started this week, initially only for employers with more than 120,000 employees but it will be gradually rolled out to almost all employers by 2018.

Auto-enrolment begins today

Pensions: Auto-enrolment begins today for biggest firms

The government's new pension scheme, auto-enrolment starts today for the UK's biggest companies and it is hoped more than four million people will be using it by May 2014.

The OECD reports that the new global state pension age is expected to be 67

OECD says 67 will be new global state pension age

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says that state pensions have to be linked to life expectancy and countries should encourage auto-enrolment into pension schemes.

Dame Anne Begg: Remove pension contributions cap

Lift limits on NEST pension scheme, say MPs

Restrictions on the National Employment Savings Trust pension scheme must be lifted to make it more appealing, according to a committee of MPs.

Firms that employ fewer than 50 people will be given extra time to implement auto-enrolment

Auto-enrolment pensions delay will affect up to four million people

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that firms that employ fewer than 50 people will have an extra 13 months to implement the new system.

Pension contributions fell in the recession, says the ONS

Personal pension contributions fall by £2billion in recession

New research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that less people are saving for their pension as a result of increased pressure on their finances in the recession.

Many people in the UK have inadequate provision for their retirement

1 in 5 save nothing for retirement as UK gripped by 'ingrained inertia'

A new report by Scottish Widows shows that although slightly more of us are saving for a pension the UK's expectations of their pension income and when they want to retire is unrealistic.

Pension products need to serve auto-enrolled members

Pensions Regulator sets out strategy for next three years

Pension products need to serve members' interests more than ever as auto-enrolment sees more Britons save for retirement, the industry regulator suggests.

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