The Samaritans says there has been a slight drop in calls about money woes

Samaritans says slight fall in calls about money problems

In its annual worries survey, the Samaritans has reported a slight fall in the number of calls emanating from concerns about money but financial concerns still top the list of reasons.

Millions of Brits have mislaid their savings

7m Brits have lost track of their savings

One in six UK adults – around 7.7 million people – have lost track of their investments and savings accounts, new research shows.

Brits struggling to cope in tough economic times

One in five families 'living on the edge' financially

Financial problems are pushing Britain’s families to breaking point, and many think family life is tougher than it was 10 years ago, according to research from Scottish Widows.

Spending power is weakening, report shows

Brits £34 a month worse off as spending power keeps on falling

Britain’s households are now £34 worse off than a year ago, hammered by a combination of high inflation and weak income growth, research reveals.

Martin Lewis has sold his personal finance website for £87 million

Martin Lewis sells for £87 million

Martin Lewis has sold his popular personal finance website and forum for £87 million to and will gove £10 million of the proceeds to charity.

Moneyline scoops lending honours

Moneyline wins responsible lender of the year award

Moneyline, the Blackburn-based social business that lends money to customers largely sidelined by banks, has been named Responsible Lender of the Year.

The £5 note is being used ten times as much as it was two years ago

£5 notes ten times more popular than two years ago

Following an initiative from the Bank of England to increase the number of £5 notes held in cash machines the fiver is being used ten times as much as in 2009.

Extra cash would be welcomed by many Brits

Brits need an extra £7,000 a year to live well, study shows

People in the UK feel they need an extra £7,236 a year to live happily and comfortably, latest research by Aviva suggests.

New mobile payment apps will revolutionise the way we deal with money

Barclays 'pings' mobile payments into the spotlight

The launch of Barclays new mobile payment app Pingit earlier this month brings the end of cash closer but digital banking has to encompass more argues James Richards.

Seven in 10 UK families 'living on the edge'

Mums ‘skipping meals to feed their children’

One in five UK mothers is missing meals in order to feed her kids, while up to 70 per cent of families are on the financial brink, research by Netmums reveals.

A fifth of consumers check bank balance daily

Tight cashflow means Brits are "compulsive bank balance checkers"

The average UK consumer is concerned that money is tight 17 just days after they’ve been paid, according to a survey by the Halifax.

A third of Brits don’t have a pension

More than a third of Brits have no pension

Pension provision is severely lacking in the UK – especially among the young.

Consumers have less disposable income

British shoppers are strapped for cash

The British Retail Consortium, (BRC) has released a report that reveals that a third of consumers have no spare cash.

Saving rates 'at best level in over a year'

Saving rates 'at best level in over a year'

People considering putting some money aside may be encouraged to hear that savings accounts are offering consumers their best rates of return in more than a year.

Consumers feel insecure carrying more than £208

Consumers "unwilling to carry more than £208"

New research from The Payments Council reveals that people get nervous carrying around cash of more than £208.

Money worries have the glass half empty for Brits

Financial doubts lead 20m consumers to cut spending

A greater number of Britons are making cutbacks as AXA UK reveals 'financial pessimism' is taking hold across the country.

Travellers urged to plan ahead before heading overseas

Plan currency before travelling to save says

Planning ahead before making a trip abroad can save Britons up to £9 in every £100 of foreign currency, it has been suggested.

Hotel prices up for royal wedding weekend in London?

Hotel prices up for royal wedding weekend in London?

Hotel prices in London have been found to be 26 per cent more expensive for the nights before and after the royal wedding in comparison to the following weekend.

Late room deals offered by Travelodge

Late room deals offered by Travelodge

With two bank holiday weekends approaching Travelodge has unveiled some late room deals, which could save consumers money.

Brits spend five-figure sums offering a shoulder to lean on

Supportive Brits incur five-figure costs

Britons supporting friends or family are urged to consider income protection products for the sake of themselves and their dependants.

Treasury Committee reopens investigation into phase-out of cheques

Cheques may not be checking out – just yet

Cheques are living on borrowed time as public support leads to the Treasury Committee considering once again whether they should be phased out in 2018.

Money Advice Service makes financial advice free for all

Free financial advice for all with Money Advice Service

Money Advice Service aims to give independent and free financial advice to all Britons.

Inflation-linked savings accounts can maintain the power of your money

A guide to inflation-linked savings accounts

With inflation at a high rate and interest rates low, savers are having a tough time making real gains. Banks are offering more inflation-linked savings accounts but are they worth it over a five-year term?

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