MBNA implements improvements to Everyday Credit Card offer

Thursday, 09 May 2013 08:20

New customers purchasing an MBNA credit card would be wise to take advantage of the company's Everyday product, which has benefited from a number of improvements implemented as of today (May 7th).

Eligible consumers will be offered a zero per cent interest offer on card purchases for eight months instead of the original seven, as well as zero percent offer on balance transfers for 18 months as opposed to 17.

Furthermore, MBNA has made the changes without raising the APR for the Everyday Credit Card, which remains competitive at 12.9 per cent.

Purchasers will also benefit from a reduced 1.99 per cent handling fee on all balance transfers, an appetising offer for those still looking to pay off Christmas debts.

MBNA initially launched its Everyday Credit Card product last year in an attempt to provide consumers with an all-in-one solution to spending on a day to day basis.

"This is without doubt one of the most comprehensive all round credit cards we’ve ever brought to market," said Thomas Rebel, product marketing executive for MBNA, at the credit card's launch in October 2012.

"It offers a convenient solution for everyone who wants to take advantage of a low APR and great promotional offers and low fees," he added. "Plus, what you see is what you get. We won’t offer different rates to anyone who is accepted for this product."

In order to handle everyday shopping needs, the card itself contains contactless technology that can be used at a variety retailers including Pret and Starbucks that allow for an easy payment and a quick exit from the shop.

Consumers can also take advantage of a wide variety of promotions and offers as part of the product, as part of MBNA's attempt to cover as wide a range of daily requirements as possible.


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