Make the most out of it: Enter the £750 Scholarship now!

Saving money has become increasingly more important for many over the last few years. Whether it’s saving to buy a house, a new car, or simply for security – Brits are saving, investing, and being savvy with their money. Being smart with your money is always good, the most successful people have mastered such a technique.

hotukdeals is inviting students and trainees to put their own skills as a “savings expert” to the test.

The task

How would you invest or spend £750? To enter the scholarship award, we want to know your clever savings strategy. The idea submitted should address today’s financial challenges.

The following factors should be included in your submission:

  • personal experience
  • insight into the financial sector
  • related, coherent and innovative savings measures
  • feasibility

The application

The following documents must be submitted for the application:

  • a concept with images, sketches, and text (min. 400 words, but not more than 2 A4 pages as PDF)
  • a PowerPoint presentation with images and text (max. 3 slides as PDF)

In terms of content, the submitted file should answer the following questions:

  • Who am I? (Name, age, proof of studies/training)
  • What distinguishes the idea? How can it be implemented?
  • Thesis (max. 2 sentences)
  • Highlight the levels supported by the thesis (by means of sources, figures, facts or calculation examples)
  • Consequences: Will financial changes take place due to your idea?

The cash prize

After all entries have been reviewed and evaluated by a jury of experts, the hotukdeals scholarship will support a student/trainee with £750 per month for one year.

Further information

More detailed information about the task, the conditions of participation, and possible changes, can be found at

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