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A brief guide to staff benefits and incentive schemes

Staff benefits to boost your business

Ensuring staff feel motivated and valued is an essential step to success for any business – but what are cost-effective ways of achieving these goals? There are a number of schemes designed for exactly this; read our guide to find out more.

Top benefits of using sales promotion schemes

Boost sales with incentive schemes

All businesses are keen to find effective ways to boost sales of their products or services, and if you're searching for something new, why not consider sales promotion schemes? To learn more about how these can benefit your company, read on.

The benefits of pre-paid gift cards

Gift cards for major stores make excellent rewards

When you come to devise reward schemes, whether for your employees or customers, you will find there are lots of options available. As the thinking behind such programmes is to build better relationships with staff or clients, it is important your choice is easy to understand and use.

Top ways to increase positivity and motivation in the workplace

Top ways to increase positivity and motivation in the workplace

Increasing staff morale can be one of the most challenging aspects of the job for an employer, as it is sometimes difficult to maintain motivation among workers. However, there are a number of ways to improve positivity, whether you offer bonuses or long service awards.

Why are more companies starting to use reward schemes?

Why are more companies starting to use reward schemes?

Businesses are increasingly looking for alternative ways to reward their employees without incurring financial losses. This is why they're beginning to turn to reward schemes, which will provide their staff with incentives to keep working hard.

The 3 types of incentives and when you should use them

Incentives can help to keep workers happy

Keeping your employees motivated is one of the keys to running a successful business, but can be difficult to achieve. Running some kind of staff incentives programme can help, particularly if it focuses workers on the company's goals.

The importance of building and rewarding employee engagement

Make sure your staff feel motivated

As the challenging financial climate has had a devastating effect on companies of all sizes and across all industries, it is perhaps unsurprising that staff morale for many firms has taken a hit. However, by building employee engagement levels you can work to ensure your team remain motivated.

Factors to consider before implementing an incentive scheme

Factors to consider before implementing an incentive scheme

Introducing incentive schemes for staff has a range of benefits, although there are a number of factors you will need to consider before implementation. By addressing these, the chance of the programme you have planned delivering benefits could be increased.

All about long service awards

Keep staff motivated with long service awards

Companies and business managers considering issuing long service awards may be interested to hear that there are various ways in which they can do so.

Customer reward schemes explained

Online reward schemes could boost custom

Customer reward schemes are a way for businesses to strengthen new client relationships and refresh old ones by rewarding them for certain behaviours.

Tips for boosting staff loyalty

Incentives can boost staff loyalty

If you run your own business, you are no doubt concerned with boosting staff loyalty and will be particularly interested in the various ways in which this can be achieved.

Tips on performance management

Performance management meetings can help improve productivity

You are sure to have heard the phrase performance management being used, but it is often spoken about as a concept rather than as something tangible that can help your business.

How to build employee engagement

How to build employee engagement

It is often said that a happy workforce is a productive one, but achieving the kind of employee engagement that will make that come true in your company is not easy.

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