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Love2reward are one of the leading rewards and incentives providers in the UK. Serving over 5,000 business clients in the UK, Love2reward can provide a range of solutions to meet any specification or budget.

The services provided include solutions in a variety of issues such as staff incentives & motivation; consumer sales promotions; employee benefit schemes and employee reward & recognition.

Among the products include ‘ad hoc’ rewards like the Love2shop gift voucher, a multi-store gift voucher idea for a broad range of recipients. The full range of single-store gift vouchers & gift cards encompasses a huge choice of top brand and well loved high street stores.

In addition, the larger, on-going employee benefit schemes can help to make your organisation an employer of choice, and can go some way to improving retention and general morale.

Many of the schemes Love2reward offer can be tailored to suit the client’s needs, which includes personalisation, reporting services and fulfilment options.

Top 5 uses for employee incentive schemes

Incentive schemes can help to improve performance

A well-designed incentive scheme for employees is a good way to motivate staff and help your company move towards its goals. There are a number of different ways they can be used and, if you pick the right ones, you will find such programmes are a cost-effective way to improve performance.

Low cost ways to improve employee benefits schemes

Low cost shopping is an attractive benefit for employees

Opportunities to reward your workforce will be in short supply if your company has been hit by the recession. However, there are still some small steps you can take to improve employee benefits packages without putting too much financial strain on the business.

Why set up a staff retention scheme?

Rewards schemes can help improve staff retention

Staff retention is an issue all companies have to deal with, as losing key workers is both expensive and disruptive. There are ways to reduce the number of employees who leave and not all of them will break the bank.

How should staff reward schemes be organised?

Rewards schemes can improve staff morale

With money tight in the current tough economic climate, companies are looking at alternatives to pay rises to keep their employees motivated. Among the options to consider are staff reward schemes that demonstrate to workers that they are valued by the business.

What do customers look for in a business?

Happy customers are more likely to buy again

With many people finding it difficult to manage their finances in the tough economic climate, it is easy to assume that price is the only factor that can help attract the public to your business. However, you may be surprised to discover how important service is to customers.









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