What to Look for When Selecting a Suitable Life Insurance Policy

As you advance in age and financial wisdom, you’ll want to make sure you leave a sustainable legacy for your family and loved ones. It’s not unusual to find yourself wondering if your current savings and investments are sufficient.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many families soon find out, after their loved ones are gone, that they are unable to carry on with certain financial obligations. This is especially common among families with members who have special needs.

One certain way to prevent this is by setting up a life insurance policy. With one, your family can benefit from a monthly income or lump sum payout, as well as support themselves with their own earnings.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a policy or contract between you and a policy holder (usually an insurer). In the event of your death, the insurance company provides death benefits (money) to specified beneficiaries, in exchange for monthly payments, also known as premiums.

You are required to pay these premiums to the insurer while you are alive. Naturally, the sooner you begin, the more substantial your policy will be.

Some people also worry about the reliability of an insurer to deliver when they pass on. This concern is legitimate because there have been issues of insolvency or fraudulent firms.

In order to make the right decisions, here are some qualities to look out for in an insurer:

Check out the company’s ratings

Are they financially sound? The best way to verify the financial status of an insurance company is by checking its ratings. Regulatory companies perform audits on insurance companies and make them available. It is therefore easy to check up a company’s financial standing. Some companies make their ratings available on their own website. Although this is a good sign, ensure it is genuine. Look out for the auditing body; Moody’s gives Aaa as its best rating, while A.M Best uses A++.


How old are they?

The age of a business may not necessarily determine its efficacy. However, this is plausible for some industries. Wealth management services such as banks and insurance companies tout experience as a mark of quality. Being in the business for 50+ years tells you they know a thing or two about the complexities of insurance. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they can handle anything.

Are customers complaining?

Look for dissatisfied customers (on review websites and other independent sites). Find out why the customers complained. Of course, no business is without its issues, but there is a certain consistency in customer complaint that should raise red flags. From the nature of complaint to how the company responds (if they do), you should have an idea of the kind of organisation you are dealing with.

Hire an insurance professional

Choosing a life insurance policy isn’t something everybody can do on their own. You can make the selection process easier by hiring a professional, specifically someone who specialises in life coverages. Make sure they are unbiased so you have a range of reliable companies to choose from.

You’ll feel more relaxed knowing your loved ones are covered when you have a life insurance policy with a trusted service provider.


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