Scam letter warning

Woman warns of scam mail letters after losing £200k in 56 years

A woman from Surrey has appeared on a Surrey Council website to warn other residents over sending money to scam firms after spending over £200,000 in 56 years.

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Ban payday loan adverts, urge MPs

Ofcom estimates that the average child watched 70 payday loans in 2012.

MPs call for a ban on payday loan advertising on children’s television or during their programmes, this comes after Ofcom research revealed how much they are exposed to the industry.

UK households more upbeat about finances

UK households are more optimistic about their finances as we head into 2014

The latest Markit household finance index suggests the improving economy is helping UK households feel more upbeat about their finances as we head into 2014.

UK economic output to reach new record high in 2014

Debt inducing payday loans 'normalised' by TV adverts

OBR & IFS discredit Chancellor's claims on disposable income

Money Advice Service condemned by MPs as ‘not fit for purpose’

Banks finally start passing on FLS lending to customers

Mortgage approvals at highest level since Feb 2008

Finance In-depth

The best ways to pay for Christmas 2013 using a credit card

Be savvy with your spending this Christmas

With Christmas approaching if you want to find the best way to consolidate debts or get the longest interest-free period on your spending you need to act now.

Spending Review 2013: Expert reaction and comment

George Osborne set out his plans for government spending in 2015-16 today

George Osborne set out his spending review for 2015-16 today and provided details on where teh £11.5 billion of cuts required for the year will come from.

Spending Review choices hit by timing of next General Election

How payday loan firms can improve their reputation

Clear Christmas debt quicker with a balance transfer credit card

The cheapest eight personal loans for 2013

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