The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards has published its report

Irresponsible bankers could face jail and 10-year bonus delay

The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards recommends that senior bankers and regulators should face possible jail sentences if they repeat the mistakes of the past.

Details of the sale of Lloyds shares could emerge this week

Osborne to outline Lloyds privatisation plan at Mansion House

The chancellor, George Osborne, is expected to use the Mansion House speech to the City on Wednesday to set out initial plans on the re-privatisation of Lloyds Banking Group.

Stephen Hester: RBS clean-up mission nearing successful completion

RBS keen on taxpayer stake sale but Lloyds deal more likely

The sale of part of the 45% taxpayer stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland could start within 12 months though the government may decide the sale of its stake in Lloyds is a better deal.

Lloyds banking Group announced a £2bn profit for the first quarter of 2013

Shares in Lloyds fall despite higher Q1 profits

Lloyds Banking Group made £2bn in the first three months of 2013 raising the prospect that the government could sell its stake in the bank before the next election.

The Co-op have pulled out of buying 632 Lloyds bank branches

Co-op Lloyds decision threatens banking competition plans

The Co-operative Bank has pulled out of buying 632 Lloyds bank branches citing tough economic conditions and a harder regulatory environment as the main reasons.

Bank profits fell due to fines and compensation payments

"Big five" UK banks pay 771 staff £1m as profits wiped out

A new report from KPMG says the "big five" UK banks have improved core performance but profits have been wiped out by the "cost of past mistakes".

Lloyds unveils improved financial results for 2012

Lloyds loss cut but PPI bill hits £6.8bn

Lloyds Banking Group reduced its losses from £3.5 billion to £570 million in 2012 as underlying profits improved. However, the huge PPI bill dragged down its results.

Lloyds Banking Group announces its 2012 financial results on Friday 1st March

Lloyds PPI loss to increase to £6.5bn on tomorrow's results

Lloyds Banking Group is expected to announce a loss for 2012 when it publishes its latest financial results tomorrow partly due to raising its total PPI compensation bill to £6.5 billion.

Lloyds has released PPI complaints data

Lloyds Bank receives 4,000 PPI complaints a day in 2012

Lloyds Banking Group received almost 4,000 complaints about payment protection insurance a day in 2012, it has been revealed as the bank prepares to announce its results.

Lloyds Banking Group have set aside the most of any UK bank for PPI compensation

PPI claimants make £1,000 more if they claim themselves

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme says 15 per cent of the money it pays out goes to claims management companies and advises consumers to claim themselves.

BM Solutions has cut rates on its BTL mortgages

BM Solutions reduces buy-to-let rates and offers cashback

BM Solutions has reduced mortgage rates on a range of its buy-to-let mortgages and introduced a cashback option.

Lloyds Banking Group and the Co-op have experienced technical issues today

RBS, HSBC, Lloyds, Halifax and Co-op banks all suffer glitches

Technical problems affected RBS, HSBC Lloyds TSB, Halifax and Co-op customers. Most of the problems have now been resolved but some customers could not access cash yesterday.

PPI complaints increased by 129% in the first half of 2012

Barclays tops bank complaints table

The Financial Services Authority has published details of customer complaints about banks in the firsy half of 2012 and it reveals a 129% increase in PPI complaints.

The former online security officer at Lloyds has been convicted of fraud

Lloyds security chief jailed for "unsophisticted" fraud

The former head of online security at Lloyds has been found guilty of defrauding the bank of £2.4 million between 2007 and 2011 and sentenced to five years in prison.

City bonuses fell by nine per cent in 2011-12

Total bonuses rise as banker bonuses fall

Official data from the Office for National Statistics shows that pay bonuses fell by three per cent overall in 2011-12 and banker bonuses fell by nine per cent.

Customers queue up to withdraw deposits from Northern Rock in 2007

Darling: Lessons must be learnt from run on Northern Rock

This week is the fifth anniversary of the onset of the credit crunch that led to billions of pounds of taxpayers' money being spent on bailing out Northern Rock, Lloyds and RBS.

The Financial Ombudsman has published details of complaints to UK banks in the first six months of 2012

Lloyds and Barclays are Britain's most complained about banks

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has published details of the top ten most complained about banks in the first six months of 2012 and Lloyds and Barclays top the PPI-dominated list.

Lloyds Bank is top of the league for customer complaints in the first half of 2012

PPI drives massive increase in banking complaints

New figures show a big increase in complaints at all the main UK banks but if PPI complaints are discounted Lloyds, HSBC and Barclays are seeing a fall in complaints.

Lloyds and RBS have been told to lift restrictions on ATM use for basic bank account holders

MPs tell Lloyds and RBS to lift cash machine restrictions

A Treasury Committee has told Lloyds and RBS to lift the restrictions on basic bank account holders being able to access cash from all of their ATM's.

PPI compensation is set to top £10 billion

PPI compensation set to exceed £10 billion

With the "big five" banks announcing interim financial results that include extra provisions for compensation payments the total set aside by the banks for the mis-selling of PPI is set to top £10 billion.

A Lloyds TSB cashpoint in Ipswich paid out double briefly on Tuesday evening in Ipswich

Lloyds TSB cashpoint in Ipswich paid out "free money"

Cashpoint customers at a Lloyds TSB hole-in-the-wall in Ipswich started receiving twice the amount of cash they requested on Tuesday evening.

Lloyds Banking Group has announced a £427m loss in the six months to June 2012

Lloyds loses £439m as it increases PPI provision by £700m

Lloyds Banking Group has announced a loss of £439 million in the six months to the end of June and says that it is increasing PPI provision by £700m to £4.27 billion.

House price increases have contributed to the total increase in UK household wealth, say Lloyds

UK household wealth up by £2.36 trillion since 2001

The combined increase in wealth enjoyed by the UK as a whole has reached £2.36 trillion, mainly due to the rise in house prices, new research from Lloyds says.

Lloyds boss attacks 'fraudulent' PPI claims

Lloyds slams PPI claims process as RBS sets aside extra £125m

Lloyds banking Group says that the "harvesting" tactics adopted by claim management companies is unfair and wastes time and money on claims from people who were never customers.

Lloyds has ended its exclusivity deal with Barclays

Lloyds ends exclusivity branch sale deal with Co-op

Lloyds Banking Group has confirmed that it has ended the exclusivity deal with the Co-op over the sale of 632 branches, opening the door to rival bids.

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