Life Insurance

Follow the rules to ensure the best chance of success when making an insurance claim

How to increase the chances of your insurance paying out

Taking out insurance for your home, car or holiday is essential but making a successful claim can prove difficult so follow our guide to increase your chances.

It is important to check that you are not underinsured

How to check if you are underinsured

Most of us pay hundreds of pounds every year on insurance products so in the event of needing to make a claim it is important to make sure you are not underinsured.

The AA launches life cover for over 50s

The AA launches life cover for over 50s

A new low-cost life insurance policy for those aged 50 and over has been launched by the AA, as part of its award-winning life insurance range.

Couples 'should think about life insurance'

Couples 'should think about life insurance'

January has been widely reported as the most popular month for divorce as couples aim to go their separate ways and make a fresh start in the new year.

Life insurance 'has numerous benefits'

Life insurance 'has numerous benefits'

A life insurance policy can have a number of benefits other than providing protection to family and loved ones should the worst happen, has suggested.

It pays to have the right insurance cover

The biggest insurance myths revealed

There are many different assumptions made about insurance cover but not all are true. Find out about the most common insurance myths and how to guard against them.

Finding the best insurance policy

Guide to choosing the best type of insurance policy

Getting the right insurance at the right price is a delicate balancing act. Our guide shows you how to get the right cover for you and shave money of the cost of it


AEGON increases benefits for individual protection

AEGON has unveiled a new scheme whereby customers who take out two or more benefits on the same plan can get increased multi-benefit discounts.


Life insurance on my partner, if we live apart?

A reader from Glasgow wants to know if she can get life insurance on her partner, even though they do not life together.


Aviva plan provides £10,000 life coverage free to new parents

Aviva has created an initiative to provide £10,000 worth of free life insurance to new parents after a study revealed almost 40 per cent were without coverage.

Protecting your family in a recession

Life insurance: Keeping cover in the recession

It is well known that life insurance is an essential financial product, particularly for those of us who have a family depending on our income.


Insurefor: Quick life insurance quotes

Travel insurer is branching into the life insurance market, it was announced this week.

Can you still afford life insurance protection? Or can you afford to be without it?

Is life insurance cover affordable in recession?

Can families really afford to keep up life insurance cover through the recession? Or is cover a cost they cannot afford to drop?


I found an old policy book. Is it worth anything?

A reader from Liverpool has come across an old insurance policy book. He wants to find out if it could be worth anything.


Children's Mutual: 'Win-win' life insurance

Children's Mutual has launched a new life insurance plan where premiums are returned to customers if no claim is made.

David Blunkett has demanded action over widow who has yet to receive insurance payout

David Blunkett demands action from life insurance firm

Former home secretary David Blunkett is taking on a leading life insurance company on behalf of one of his constituents after a widow was left penniless.

Standard Life sales fall in first quarter

Standard Life sales fall 20%

Insurer Standard Life blamed challenging markets for a 20 per cent fall in first quarter sales.

Financial help for the over 50s

Over 50s financial clinic: Live Web TV

The recession is hitting every age group hard, but the over 50s with half an eye on retirement and protecting their assets have more to lose.

Norwich Union cutting staff in its life and pensions business

Norwich Union to cut 1,100 UK staff

Norwich Union Life is cutting 1,100 UK staff by the end of the year as it restructures the business.


Engage: Free funeral funding

Engage Mutual Assurance is offering policyholders of its direct Over 50s Life Cover Plan a 'funeral funding option' free of charge.

Life insurance: Do you know what your mother is worth?

Family financial protection – Is your family covered?

Income protection, critical illness cover, income benefit and life insurance are all designed to replace an income just in case the unthinkable happens – and on Mother's Day, now is as good a time as any to find out just how much your mum is worth, and protect her contribution to the family.

Michaela Strachan offers advice on protecting your family's future

Protecting your children's financial future: Live web TV show with Michaela Strachan

TV presenter and mum Michaela Strachan is joining us for a live web TV show looking at preparing your families future.

Smokers urged to quit for cheaper life insurance

Smokers urged life insurance premiums will fall with quitting

Smokers are urged to stop lighting up and start saving – as people who are cigarette free for twelve months pay significantly less on monthly insurance premiums.

AXA UK earnings fall

Axa UK earnings fall 19%

Insurer Axa UK said a 19 per cent fall in earnings for 2008 was a "resilient result" in challenging markets.

Legal & General have doubled credit reserves

Legal & General doubles credit reserves

Legal & General shares jumped 10.6 per cent in early trading after the insurer revealed it plans to more than double reserves to £1.2 billion.

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