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£30K to save, but only in 12-month accounts?

A reader's grandfather has around £30,000 to save – but only wants to be tied in from year to year and no longer.

I need easy access

A reader from Redcar has £20,000 to save. But wants to keep easy access to his funds.

I'm Polish. Can I have an ISA?

A reader from London wants to know if she can qualify for an ISA as she is Polish.

Can I transfer my ISA?

A reader wants to move her ISA, but is unsure if she can.

Big lump sum to save?

A reader from Woking has sold her house and has a large amount to put in the bank.

Stuck by savings jargon?

A reader from Liverpool is stuck about what exactly AER means.

Saving for marriage?

A reader from Gloucester is getting married next year and wants to be able to save to pay for the big day.

ISA confusion?

A reader from London is unsure about her ISA.

Is a direct ISA different from a cash ISA

What is the difference between a direct ISA and a cash mini ISA?

Can you transfer to a new cash ISA and still invest £7,000 in the tax year?

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