Investment Isas

The Share Centre reveals most popular ISA funds

Aberdeen Emerging Markets tops ISA fund table

The Aberdeen Emerging Markets fund emerged as the number one ISA choice for customers at The Share Centre during the 2011-12 tax year.

Keeping charges low is key to getting a good return

How to minimise Isa charges

Investing in a stocks and shares Isa or a self-select Isa can be a minefield with performance fees, annual fees, initial fees and transaction fees to consider. Find out how to minimise charges.

A self-select ISA allows you to manage your own investments

ISA countdown: How to invest in a self-select ISA

Self-select ISAs allow you to manage your own investments and choose exactly what funds you invest in but you need to assess how often you will trade and how that affects fees.

Investment ISAs can provide better returns but are riskier than cash ISAs

How to invest in a stocks and shares ISA

With the ISA deadline just over three weeks ago, and you want to try and beat the low returns available from a cash ISA then our guide gives the lowdown on investment ISAs.

Investors 'disillusioned' with cash returns

Cash takes a back seat for ISA investors in 2012

One in three investment ISA holders has moved from cash to equities as the base rate remains at a record low, a new study suggests.

The current annual investment ISA limit is £10,680

Halifax offers 80% discount on annual charges

Halifax Share Dealing has launched an exclusive fund discount aimed at investors looking to maximise their ISA allowance before the end of the tax year.

ISAs are a tax-efficient wrapper for your savings

An introduction to ISAs's ISA guide explains the differences between a cash ISA and an investment ISA, how each type of ISA works and the limits and rules for each.

The ISA deadline is April 5th 2012

The Share Centre: Introduction to ISAs

Andy Parsons, head of investment research at The Share Centre, explains the benefits of Stocks & Shares and Funds ISAs and picks three funds for investors to consider.

Tax year ends on April 5

Half of ISA investors ‘won’t use full tax free allowance’

Just seven per cent of investors have so far used their full ISA allowance for 2011-12, according to figures from The Share Centre.

Investment ISA savings 'beat pension pots'

ISAs overtake pensions for the first time in a decade

UK savers invested more into stocks and shares ISAs than pensions during the last tax year for the first time in 10 years, official figures reveal.

New Junior ISA launched by Post Office

New Junior ISA launched by Post Office

The Post Office this week announced the launch of a new Junior ISA designed to help parents save for their children.

Junior ISAs are the new savings vehicle for children launched in November 2011

Junior ISAs: The key facts to the new child savings accounts

Our 'at a glance' guide to Junior ISAs answers all your key questions and picks out some of the best options for saving in both cash and investment ISAs.

The new Junior ISA will be available from November 1st

What are Junior ISAs and are they worth investing in?

Junior ISAs will be available from November 1st. They replace child trust funds and provide families with a tax-efficient way of saving on behalf of their children.

A new report aims to provide ISA incentives to help the UK poor

Tax-free ISA limit to increase by £200 for ISA's to help poor

An independent report commissioned by David Cameron is released today that offers financial incentives and an increased tax-free ISA allowance for companies and individuals that invest in schemes to help the poor.

Today is the deadline for using your 2010-11 ISA allowance

Last chance to invest in an ISA

If you want to beat the 2010-11 ISA deadline then you need to move fast because the deadline for most providers is close of business today (April 5th).

Barclays ISA investors plan to invest in UK companies

Barclays ISA investors backing UK

New research from Barclays Stockbrokers reveals that most of their ISA investor clients will be investing in UK companies in the next financial year.

Ethical investments can provide high returns

A guide to ethical investing

Investing in companies that use your funds in an ethical manner can be profitable as well as good for the planet but how can you be sure that the companies you invest in are ethical? Kate Saines investigates.

ISA's offer a tax efficient way of saving

ISA Countdown: Part one – Top tips and best ISA options will take you through this years ISA season with a four-part guide. Firstly, in this article we will outline the current ISA climate and go through the various options for investing in an ISA and provide some top tips.

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