Infinity Business Growth Network

Joel Bissitt, former Regional Chairman of the British Franchise Association, founded Infinity Business Growth Network, a franchise consultancy firm backed by decades of experience in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Though Infinity Business Growth Network is based in Sussex, our company has helped small businesses across the UK realise their goals and dreams and then help them to achieve them through realistic planning, honest feedback, and real advice, all without the jargon.

Local Businesses For Sale


Local Businesses For Sale is a premier network of websites and local directories created by Infinity Business Growth Network using more than twenty years of experience, with the purpose of offering advertising, exposure, and directory opportunities to small businesses within their own, local niche.

No matter whether you have an established small business or are just now buying or starting your own, Infinity Business Growth Network offers advertising through our extensive network of sites to get your business the local exposure needed to reach your goals.

Within the network are thousands of local sites and directories, and each local website offers the opportunity for advertisement as well as offering a free to use local business directory, providing hundreds of thousands of small businesses with exposure and advertisement within their own local arena.  Local Businesses For Sale also provides small business tips and advice through our informative articles on how to run a small business, buy one, or start your very own.

No matter whether you are looking to start or buy your very first small business or simply take your existing business to the next level,  Local Businesses For Sale’s network of sites and directories can help you meet all of your business goals.

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