The Importance of Choosing the Right Conveyancer

The reason why most people hire a solicitor is because they aren’t familiar with the technicalities of purchasing and selling. If you have a solicitor by your side, they can conduct certain tasks that you should actually be doing whether you’re buying or selling. Generally, the tasks may include:

· Developing, reviewing and going through the purchase and sale contracts

· Taking care of the land registration

· Keeping a check over the funds; managing transfers and collection

· Giving legal recommendations and advice

If you are purchasing a property, then your solicitor will also take care of the following important tasks:

· Carrying out an in-depth property search; this may include the environment search, local authority search etc

· Your solicitor will also manage the payments to HMRC and stamp duty charges

We have compiled a list of tips for you to consider when choosing a conveyancer. These apply whether you are buying or selling:


Solicitors have a couple of ways in which they charge their clients. Here is a complete list of all the packages that the solicitors offer:

· A fixed fee that you pay on monthly basis

· The initial fixed amount for conveyancing plus any additional fee of over, time in case an issue turns out to be more complex or requires more time and attention from you

· Fee based on a percentage that is determined in contrast with the property’s value

· If the work isn’t completed, you won’t be liable to pay the legal fees; note that the disbursement fee needs to be paid

· Per hour fee


Conveyancing factories that are cheap are usually super slow because they manage high caseloads and most of the time they fail to process the conveyancing forward.

Instead of saving a few ponds, go with a conveyancing lawyer or company that comes highly recommended by a personal source. These are the ones who will be determined to provide you with the best customer service and high quality. These professionals will make sure that you are

up to date with the progress of the case, they will try to agree to your demands and be more proactive.

Chain And Chain Free Transactions

One of the most common reasons behind property transaction delays is the involvement of a chain of transactions. A chain in common man’s language is a line of sellers and buyers. These are all involved in an interconnected transaction.

You should always be careful when firms guarantee that their conveyancing completion time is fast. Make sure you ask about the average conveyance transaction completion time. Also talk about the company’s willingness to achieve quick completion. You should always inform your solicitor about the transaction being chain free or in a chain. All conveyance lawyers should inform you within time about their feasibility and availability according to your deadlines.


The best way to find a solicitor is by taking recommendations from friends and family who have experienced this before.

Your financial advisor, mortgage broker, estate agent and accountant can also be a reliable source for recommending a solicitor. You can get online conveyancing quotes from Compare Conveyancing Quotes in a couple of minutes. So stop wasting your time and get a quote right now.

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