If my name is on a mortgage in a property I don't reside in, am I held liable?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 05:32

A reader from East Anglia wants to know if missed mortgage payments on a house she used to reside in with her mother will affect future mortgages chances.

Drawing on years of experience, mortgage adviser Katie Tucker – of mortgage broker Mortgageforce – tackles the problem.

Sarah from Peterborough asks:

I have been named on a mortgage with my mother for 6 years – I moved out of the property three years ago with my partner.

During this time there have been a couple of late payments on the mortgage.

My partner and I now want to buy my mother out of the property as she is unable to get a mortgage alone, will these late payments affect me even though I have not lived there for three years and all of the late payments have happened within this time?

My partner and I are good savers etc.

Katie replies:

Unfortunately yes, regardless of who lives there, if you are named on the mortgage, you are liable for all of the payments on it.

A large deposit saved up will put you in a better position, but you will definitely need to enlist the help of a broker to find a lender who can consider you with late payments on your official record.

Try the existing lender first.

If you have a question for Katie, go to the myfinances.co.uk Ask the Mortgage Expert section.

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