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How to Improve the Value of Your House?

If you are thinking of selling your house, you must not list your house until you have significantly improved the value of your house. You can do various home improvement projects to add value to your house over time. When the facilities of the house are a great many, you will also be able to charge a better selling or rental price. 

Here are some of the home improvement projects that can improve the overall value of your house:

  • Conversion of the Cellar

You can convert your cellar into a storage room or a living space so that the overall number of the rooms increases. It will increase the value of the property by up to 30%. Conversion of the cellar is one of the most convenient and affordable home improvement projects, which includes only little structural changes or decoration. You can negotiate with the local planning officer for redesigning your cellar. 

Value Added to the Property: 30%

  • Division of the Property

Flats are more popular than entire houses. You can split a big flat into a little three to two flats. Small flats are also rented easily, which increases income chances and brings financial stability to you. 

However, before you start with the division of the property, you need to market the local area whether flats are in demand or not. 

Value Added to the Property: 30%

  • Extension of the Kitchen


Adding an extension to the kitchen can significantly increase the overall price of your house. It will also bring peace, sensibility, and valuable space into the house. The extension will also bring attractiveness and beauty to the kitchen. 


Value Added to the Property: 15%


  • Flooring


There are also many kinds of flooring options. But, laminate flooring is one of the most inexpensive solutions to the improvement of the overall price. Since laminate flooring is made of pressed wood, it is more durable and long-lasting than other options. It is a strong hardwood material, which resists to the wear and tear, moisture, and scratches to a greater extent. 


It is the best investment a homeowner can undertake. ROI of laminate flooring is between 80% to 90%. So, you must also consider getting the laminate flooring so as to add to the value of your house. 


Value Added to the Property: 35%


These four projects increase the overall price of your house to a greater extent. 


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