How to Fund a Funeral

Death in the family is a profoundly difficult event to weather for anyone – and, unfortunately, an unavoidable event for everyone. Besides the time and energy required to process grief, the death of a loved one can be made all the more stressful by the management of their funeral.

It is usually incumbent on the executor of the estate to cover the expenses attributed to a funeral. Where there is no executor, the responsibility falls to the immediate family of the deceased. Either way, it may be the case that those responsible do not have the money to cover the costs. Such a situation is understandably stressful – but if you find yourself in this situation, there are many options available to you for funding and assistance.

Funds from the Deceased

Firstly, you can unlock funds from the bank accounts of the deceased – even if their accounts have been frozen following the certification of their death. By taking along the necessary documents to the relevant bank branch, you can facilitate the release of up to £5,000 in order to cover funeral costs.

Inheritance Advance

You may be due to receive a large value in the form of an inheritance – but receiving your inheritance can take a significant amount of time in some cases, meaning you could be waiting months before receiving your share. Taking an inheritance advance means you can access some of the value of your inheritance early, enabling you to use it to pay the upfront costs associated with a funeral.

Pay in Instalments

Many funeral directors give you the option of paying for the funeral in instalments. This can be a godsend for your finances, enabling you to offset the costs over a number of months and reducing the immediate sting of a funeral’s cost. You will need to provide a percentage of the cost as a deposit, but this is easier to source than the total value of the funeral.

Avenues for Assistance

There is also a number of charities and non-profit organisations that are well-placed to help you shoulder the financial burden of your loved one’s funeral. There is a Bereavement Support Payment available to recently-bereaved spouses or partners, offered by the government.

Various societies and organisations also offer support within a vocation or career path, with benevolent funds like the Electrical Industries Charity and the Junius S. Morgan Benevolent Fund for nurses offering financial assistance to newly-widowed partners and bereaved family members.

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