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Direct line is now offering a mortgage and home insurance package

Direct Line offers mortgage and home insurance package

Direct Line has launched a new deal combining a cheap UK mortgage with a discount on home insurance.

Reviewing finances should be a top priority in 2006

Reviewing finances top priority for 2006

UK residents should make reviewing their finances one of their top priorities in 2006.

Home insurance cover levels could be falling after Christmas

Home insurance Christmas bonus expires

Home insurance policyholders are in danger of under-insurance as Christmas deals expire.

Throwing a New Year's Eve party at home could end up costing more than you think

The hidden cost of New Year's at home

Deciding to spend New Year's Eve at home can cost more than you might think, new research reveals.

£4bn worth of Christmas food could be thrown away this year

£4bn could be binned this Christmas

Britons are set to spend £4.4 billion on Christmas food, but 27 per cent of this food will end up in the bin, Lloyds TSB Insurance finds.

iPods are not normally covered by home contents insurance

iPods and MP3 players not covered by insurance

Most home insurance policies do not provide cover for iPods and MP3 players, specialist insurer Hiscox warns.

Millions of low-income families have no home insurance

Millions of families have no home insurance

There are three million low-income families with no home insurance, placing their possessions at risk.

Britons are paying too much for insurance

Apathy sees Britons overspend on insurance

Millions of Britons could be paying too much for their car insurance and home insurance, as apathy sees people routinely renew policies without looking to see if cheaper cover is available.

Visiting friends cause £1.1bn in damage a year

Friends cause £5.6bn damage to homes

Having friends round to visit has caused £5.6 billion of damage to homes and possessions in the last five years.

British parents are set to spend £1.4bn on gifts for their children

British children get £1.4bn of Christmas gifts

This Christmas the UK's children are set to receive a staggering £1.4 billion worth of presents, new research reveals.

As Christmas decorations go up, so does the value of your home contents

Christmas presents home insurance problem

Christmas is coming, and home insurance is looking thin, as presents and parties expose policyholders to risk.

A cold winter could be costly for under-prepared home owners

Winter weather advice for home insurance

Homeowners are being urged to act now to protect their properties from the effects of cold weather, or risk paying pay later.

Consumer spending leaves many under-insured

Consumer spending leaves many under-insured

Record consumer spending pushes home contents values up by around 50 per cent over the past five to ten years.

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