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Hire car excess cover from Voyager Insurance

While driving carefully is something most people try to do all the time, sometimes car accidents happen that are out of our control.

And if you're driving a hire vehicle at the time of the incident, you're likely to be worried about the big bill you'll be left with at the end.

Hire car companies may hand you a hefty excess charge to cover the first part of their insurance costs to repair the vehicle/s involved in the accident, which could potentially cause you a significant financial burden.

However, by taking out hire car excess insurance with Voyager Insurance you can have peace of mind that you'll be protected from these unexpected surprises and will be covered should the rental vehicle firm ask you to pay their excess.

What does hire car excess cover protect against?

Having car hire excess insurance is another way of preparing for the worst, and if you are concerned that you won't be able to afford to pay for damage to be repaired on a rented vehicle or the excess on the hire company's own insurance, it could be an ideal product for you.

By taking out Voyager hire car excess insurance, this excess will be paid back to you. It even covers damage to the vehicle that is often excluded by standard collision damage waivers, including the tyres, glass and underbody.

The policy will also cover you if you accidently put the incorrect fuel in the hire motor or lose the keys to the car.

You can take out cover for exactly the type of journey you take. You might want a product that protects you for a single trip of up to 180 days if you are planning on hiring a vehicle to visit family, attend a wedding or go away for a week with your loved ones.

Alternatively, if you regularly rent cars, either as part of your work or because you often enjoy road trips around the UK, the annual multi-trip policy could be ideal for you. This protects you for up to 31 days for each excursion and you won't have to worry about taking out hire car excess cover each time you rent a vehicle.

Why choose Voyager Insurance?

You can be confident that you can choose the exact product you require when taking out a policy with Voyager Insurance.

The company has been in operation since 1996 and has gained a solid reputation among customers and in the industry for high quality products and excellent service.

And if you're worried about finding a policy that will be perfect for you then specialists will be able to discuss the different options available. 

It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the Financial Ombudsman’s Service so you can be confident that you'll be able to receive the product you're looking for.

If you're interested in taking out hire car excess insurance, take a look at its website for a range of policies or call today on 01483 562 662.

A guide to the EHIC and why you need one

Do you have an EHIC?

The EHIC entitles you to state healthcare at a reduced cost or even free in some cases, so it is something you need to have when you go away. However, it is not in any way a substitute for travel insurance.

Why wedding insurance is vital for winter weddings

Winter weddings can be beautiful

If you plan on tying the knot in winter, the weather could wreak havoc with your big day. It is therefore essential that you have a wedding insurance policy in place to protect you should something go wrong on the day.

How much cover do you need for your wedding?

Wedding calculators are useful tools

When it comes to buying insurance, one thing you do not want is to be underinsured, otherwise the policy will ultimately not protect you. To help with your wedding insurance, you can use a wedding calculator to help determine what you have spent.

Pros and cons of getting married overseas

Overseas wedding insurance is important

Have you considered having your big day overseas? Does the idea of tying the knot on a beach appeal to you? There are many benefits of getting married abroad, however, there are some downsides you need to consider before you come to a decision.

Is it wise to buy travel insurance from your tour operator?

Shopping around could save you money

Buying your travel insurance at the same time as booking your holiday is better than not buying any cover at all, however, the chances are you will pay over the odds. That is why you need to shop around and compare different products before buying.

Why you should not buy travel insurance based on cost alone

Travel insurance should provide peace of mind

Buying travel cover based on cost alone may prove to be a false economy, as you may find you do not have adequate protection should you need medical help. If this proved to be the case, you may have to pay thousands of pounds for any help you receive.

Why the EHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must

The European Health Insurance Card is not a replacement for travel insurance. While it affords you some protection, there are many areas that it does not cover, which is why you should always take out travel insurance when going abroad.

FAQs about travel insurance

Hire car excess cover is available

Why is travel insurance necessary? What cover does travel insurance provide? can I get specialist cover for adventure holidays? These are just some the questions you need to know the answer to when looking for travel insurance cover.

How can the elderly prepare for travelling?

You must purchase the right travel insurance

Age does not have to be a barrier to travelling, however, older travellers have to take various points into consideration, including their health. It is also imperative to take out the correct travel insurance to ensure you have the right cover.

What special planning do long stay holidays need?

An extended holiday can be a great adventure

An extended holiday offers you the chance to really get to know one or several different countries and can be an amazing experience. To ensure all goes well, it is important to arrange suitable travel insurance so that you have a safety net in place.

How to plan your sabbatical trip abroad

How to plan your sabbatical trip abroad

After thinking long and hard about taking a career break, you're sure to be excited about your upcoming sabbatical. However, to ensure everything goes smoothly, it is worth planning your trip abroad carefully so that you can have an adventure you'll remember forever.

Get insurance to have peace of mind when planning a wedding

Have peace of mind when planning your wedding

As one of the most important days of your life, your wedding is likely to be something you invest significant amounts of time and money into planning to ensure everything is perfect. However, you should remember any number of disasters can befall you either in the build-up to the ceremony or on the day itself, so you may want to arrange wedding insurance.

A guide to hiring cars abroad

A guide to hiring cars abroad

One of the best ways to make the most of a holiday abroad is to hire a car and explore the area on four wheels. But, if you're not sure about what insurance policies you will require, such as European breakdown cover, read this guide for more information.

Getting travel insurance if you have health problems

Travel cover is available to those with health problems

If you're currently suffering from health problems, or have had such difficulties in the past, it may well be possible that you are concerned about your ability to get travel insurance. While some companies may be disinclined to offer you cover, finding sufficient insurance should still prove to be relatively easy.









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