The gold transferred would be worth £700m today.

Bank of England helped Nazi's sell gold

The Bank of England acted as a conduit for Nazi gold looted from Czechoslovakia, a previously unpublished report reveals.

The Queen outlined the government's legislative programme for the next 12 months

Queen's Speech: Banking Reform Bill could signal end of free banking

The government outlined its plans for the next 12 months in the Queen's Speech today including a new banking reform bill that will separate retail and investment banking operations.

Sir Martin Sorrell believes the government needs to come up with a clear plan for economic growth

Sorrell says government "has no credible plan for growth"

One of the UK's top businessmen, Sir Martin Sorrell, who has backed the government, says the Prime Minister needs to offer clearer policies and a credible plan for economic growth.

There are concerns that some petrol stations will have delayed fuel deliveries

Government changes fuel top up advice to drivers

The government has said that there is no need to top up fuel tanks after an Easter fuel tanker delivery strike has been averted.

Government to tackle spiralling insurance costs

Government to crack down on whiplash claims

The Government is to examine ways to cut the number of whiplash cases which, it claims, are driving up the price of car insurance.

Housing minister announces revival of Right to Buy scheme

Housing minister announces revival of Right to Buy scheme

The Right to Buy initiative is to be revamped to increase home ownership, housing minister Grant Shapps has revealed.

Govt accused of taking taxes at RPI, paying benefits at CPI

Govt accused of taking taxes at RPI, paying benefits at CPI

The government is being challenged over its decision to base payments on the consumer prices index instead of the retail prices index.

How much will the public sector strikes really cost the economy?

How much will the public sector strikes really cost the economy?

Unions and government ministers are disagreeing over how much the public sector strikes today (November 30th 2011) will cost the economy.

Firms should be able to sack unproductive workers without the threat of an unfair dismissal claim, a report has said

Cable: Beecroft report would hinder labour market flexibility

A report has suggested British companies should be able to sack staff without fear of facing an unfair dismissal claim.

Britain is set to become the first government to sue the ECB

UK government sues European Central Bank

The British government is to sue the European Central Bank over proposed changes to location policy for clearing houses.

Several schools and hospitals have been built through PFI initiatives

PFI offers poor value for money, MPs warn

The Commons Treasury Committee has said the Private Finance Initiative does not offer the taxpayer good value.

Nurses are among the public sector employees who face increased pension contributions

Extra pension contributions for public sector workers revealed

Leaked documents show the government plans to add up to £3,000 per year to public sector pension contributions under reforms to the state provision.

Companies that offer government services for a fee are to be investigated by the OFT

OFT to investigate "deceptive" websites selling government services

Websites selling government products and services that are available directly free of charge or at a lower cost are to be investigated by the OFT.

Plans to spend £110 billion on the UK's electricity infrastructure have been unveiled

Huhne unveils £110bn electricity investment

Chris Huhne has revealed the government's £110 billion plan to revamp the UK electricity network.

Chris Huhne has said the calculations used in a Sunday Telegraph report are "rubbish"

Chris Huhne dismisses high energy bill claims as "nonsense"

Chris Huhne has said the calculations used in a Sunday Telegraph report suggesting the UK has the highest energy prices are "rubbish".

The "soaring" cost of bus travel could be reduced using revenue from green taxes, a group of MPs has said.

MPs urge the government to use green taxes to cut public transport costs

The Environmental Audit Committee has urged the government to ring-fence green tax revenue to "rebuild trust" in the eyes of the public.

The UK is becoming less economically competitive, according to a new study

The UK falls down the world's competitiveness league tables

A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies reveals that the UK has fallen sharply down the league tables of three separate measures looking at economic competitiveness.

The ONS reports that new orders in the construction industry fell sharply

New orders in construction fall to lowest level since 1987

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released a report that shows new orders in the construction industry had their biggest single quarter fall for nearly 25 years.

The government has pledged to save £10 billion over five years on common purchases

Centralised government spending to save £10 billion over five years

A report by retailer Sir Philip Green has found that the government could save billions of pounds by implementing a centralised procurement process for common goods.

UK government borrowing was £141 billion in 2010-11

UK public sector borrowing less than expected

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal that government borrowing for 2010-11 was nearly £5 billion less than predicted by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

CBI warns government about over-regulation

CBI makes the case to government for business investment

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has released a report entitled 'Making the UK the best place to invest' which warns government that over-regulation and planning constraints are threatening the UK's position as an attractive business location.

David Cameron launches a new policy to encourage business

Cameron backs new businesses with StartUp Britain scheme

The Prime Minister, David Cameron will announce a new initiative called 'StartUp Britain' today which is backed by successful businesses and designed to encourage entrepreneurs.

IFS supports government's deficit plans

Government right to proceed with deficit plans, IFS claims

The Institute of Financial Services (IFS) has backed the government's plans to continue with its proposals to reduce the deficit.

Growth 'must be supported by government'

Government 'must support growth', CBI director general states

The government must support the growth of the private sector rather than simply focussing on spending cuts, the director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has stated.

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