PAC criticises Google for avoiding tax payments

PAC criticises Google for avoiding tax payments

The PAC has criticised internet giant Google for trying to avoid to pay its fair share of tax

Google is to be called back to face questions from MPs over tax

MPs call back Google for more questions over tax

The Public Accounts Committee is to call Google back to answer questions on whether sales staff are based in the UK.

Google has launched a mortgage price comparison service

Google launches new mortgage price comparison site

Google has relaunched its mortgage price comparison site as it adds to its portfolio of products since its acquisition of BeatThatQuote in March 2011 for £37.7 million.

MPs have been highly critical of multinational firms tax arrangements

Osborne to make "immoral" Starbucks and Google pay more tax

George Osborne is investing money into the UK tax authorities to help collect more tax after MPs accused multinational companies of "immoral" tax avoidance.

Three top multinational firms are to answer questions on tax

Starbucks chief denies lying to shareholders over UK profits

The head financial man at Starbucks, Troy Alstead has denied lying to shareholders that his company consistently makes a loss in the UK as he faced a grilling from the PAC.

Google reveals stock split proposal

Google posts $2.89bn profits and unveils 2-for-1 stock split plan

Google has announced a 60 per cent profits leap for the first quarter and a stock split plan that will enable the founders to retain lifetime control.

The technology sector is, on balance, growing, in tough times

Is now the time to invest in technology funds?

The UK and global technology sectors have outperformed many other investment markets in recent years helped by tax reliefs and changing consumer behaviour.

Google saw a fall in its share price after its latest trading results were published

Google shares drop despite revenue spike but Microsoft shares rise

Shares in Google fell after it missed its revenue targets for the its fourth quarter but Microsoft saw a slight rise in its share price after results were better than expected.

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