Five Things to Know About Renting A Car In Winter

A true traveller’s spirits can be never be dampened by climatic changes, and winter just happens to be another season for adventure. The open road, it seems, is open all-year round and is no deterrent for the “seasoned” traveller. If you’re considering taking a holiday through a snowy climate and renting a car along the way, consider these five things before grabbing those keys and hopping on the road for a winter wonderland vacation.

Insurance coverage

Make sure that you get yourself covered with travel insurance, especially in a snowy and icy climate! Even if you’re a good driver, there’s still a higher risk for accidents, so keep yourself protected in a foreign country.

Best car for your needs

It’s solely your choice, but we would recommend you stay away from rear wheel drives. Go for a front wheel drive car or one with manual transmissions that are best for snowy roads. The manual ones have less chances of sliding as the engine can decelerate in place of the brakes.

Fill up your gas tank

This is a must in a snowy climate! Get into the habit of keeping it full if you have planned a trip ahead. Better safe than be sorry, especially if you’re driving in an extremely remote area where there’s few gas stations or a chance of driving in poor weather conditions. And always remember to fill up your tank before returning the car to the rental station.

Mileage limits

Some rental providers have a certain amount of miles you are allowed her day. You must clarify with your provider what you’re looking for, especially if you’re going to be driving hours and hours on the open road. If you don’t want the cost to go high up, then make sure to find out about all these things in particular.

Snow tires. This is a total must in the winter. Some countries like Austria and Germany are very strict about tire rules and you must find it with your rental service provider if that is required at all.

Whether you’re in need of a Toronto car hire in January or a van in mid-August for skiing in New Zealand, renting a car during the winter months does not differ much from renting a car in any other season. You just need a bit more preparation and the following checklist to keep things safe and ready for your winter travel:

  • A 4×4 car is the best solution
  • Check with your rental service for anything cheaper to suit your budget
  • Remember daylight is going to be limited, so make the most of your driving time
  • Keep your warm clothes nearby
  • Have a thermos on hand
  • Stash some snacks in your car, especially if you have kids on board for long drives
  • Watch out for animals while driving during winter months
  • Book your car in advance to save some money
  • Most importantly, drive safety and slowly!

Happy travels!

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