Fitch has cut the UK AAA rating

Fitch questions if UK economy can return to sustainable growth

Fitch is the second of the three main credit rating agencies to cut the UK's AAA credit rating after Moody's leaving just Standard & Poor's keeping the UK at the top tier.

Fitch is likely to strip the UK of its AAA rating in April

Fitch expected to downgrade UK AAA rating in April

Credit ratings agency Fitch has put the UK's AAA rating on negative watch after the OBR cut growth forecasts and said it will take longer for the UK to cut government borrowing.

Last week Fitch suggested the UK could lose its AAA credit rating

OBR says loss of AAA rating would not raise borrowing costs

The Office for Budget Responsibility head Robert Chote told MPs last week that the loss of the UK's AAA credit rating would not increase the cost of borrowing.

Fitch has warned the Uk could lose its triple-A credit rating

Fitch warns UK could lose triple-A credit rating

One of the leading ratings agencies, Fitch, has warned that the UK could lose its triple-A credit rating after George Osborne admitted he would miss one of his deficit reduction targets.

Stark warning to UK by Fitch Ratings

UK has 1 in 2 chance of losing its AAA status, says Fitch

A second credit ratings agency has warned that the UK could lose its triple A status. Fitch said there is a 50:50 chance of being downgraded.

Fitch has warned that it may downgrade Italy's credit rating by the end of January

Fitch says Italy's credit rating likely to be downgraded

Rating agency Fitch warns that Italy is likely to be downgraded by the end of January citing its high debt and a lack of a plan to tackle the euro debt crisis.

France has had its credit outlook cut from stable to negative by Fitch

Fitch says solution to euro debt crisis is 'beyond reach'

Fitch has cut France's outlook to "negative" and placed six other countries on "credit watch negative", saying a full solution to the debt crisis is "beyond reach".

Six big banks have credit ratings cut by Fitch

Six big banks have credit ratings cut by Fitch

Fitch has cut the credit ratings of some of the world's biggest banks, including Barclays.

Two UK banks, RBS and Lloyds have been downgraded by Fitch today

Fitch downgrades RBS & Lloyds, puts Barclays on rating watch

The ratings agency, Fitch has lowered the credit rating of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Lloyds, both part-owned by the UK taxpayer and placed Barclays on rating watch.

Fitch has downgraded the credit rating of Spain and Italy

Fitch downgrades Spanish and Italian government debt

Credit ratings agency, Fitch, has announced that it is downgrading Italy and Spain's government debt because of the increased risk the euro debt crisis has bought.

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