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Bank of England adopts forward guidance on interest rates

Mark Carney announced that the Bank of England will link base with unemployment

The Bank of England has announced that it will adopt a policy of forward guidance by linking interest rates to unemployment and that rates will not rise until the jobless rate falls to 7.0%.

Mortgage best-buys: Fixed rates continue to fall

Fixed rate mortgage costs are falling

The cost of a fixed rate mortgage continues to fall across the board as lenders compete to get to the top of the best-buy tables.

Top tips for buying an overseas property

Buying an overseas property can be risky

A dream property overseas is a tempting option but to ensure your dreams don't become a nightmare you need to pay careful attention to the legalities of buying home overseas.

Mortgage best-buys: The top deals for first-time buyers

The top mortgage deals for first-time buyers

2013 has brought with it renewed hope for first-time buyers thanks to the Funding for Lending Scheme. We round up the best deals for all types of FTB mortgages.

Budget 2013: How does it affect you?

Budget 2013: How does it affect your wallet?

George Osborne has delivered his fourth budget and introduced measures to support the housing market, cut fuel and beer duty and raised the income tax allowance to £10,000.

Budget 2013: Workers to benefit from £10,000 personal allowance

What will the Chancellor announce in the budget?

George Osborne presents his budget on Wednesday March 20th under pressure to deliver measures to promote growth but still cut the deficit. What will the Chancellor say?

Bank of England to raise inflation and cut growth forecasts

The Bank of England presents its Quarterly Inflation Report

The Bank of England publishes its Quarterly Inflation Report tomorrow and it is likely to admit that inflation will rise in 2013 and stay above target for two years.

New Year mortgage sale tempts all types of borrowers

2013 has given optimism for first-time buyers so far

The first ten days of 2013 have brought about a plethora of mortgage rate cuts and reduced fees for all types of borrowers from first-time buyers to homeowners with lost of equity.

What will happen to the UK economy in 2013?

What will happen to the UK economy in 2013?

The first part of our in-depth analysis of what will happen to the UK economy in 2013 focuses on monetary policy. What will happen to inflation, interest rates and GDP in 2013?

The top ten fixed rate mortgage deals for 2012

The top ten fixed rate mortgages

In this feature we take a look at the best two to five year fixed rate mortgage deals for first-time buyers up to homeowners with lots of equity.

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