Family Taxation

The government offers various tax breaks for families, and as such it is vital to contact HM Revenue & Customs whenever family circumstances change to take advantage of benefits and allowances.

People are advised to tell the government when: they marry or start to live with a partner; they divorce or separate from their partner; they have a baby; or another child comes to live with them; one of their children leaves and goes to live with someone else; their partner or one of their children dies.

To make the most of family taxation allowances, people are also advised to tell HMRC if: their children stay in full-time education past 16; they start or stop paying an approved childcare provider; they are getting help with childcare costs through Working Families Tax Credit and the average weekly cost rises or falls by £10 a week or more, for at least four weeks in a row; additionally if any person or child in their care becomes or recovers from disability.

People also need to inform HMRC if their income changes significantly from one year to the next – as this can affect tax credits.

Changes can be reported online, using the 'My Account' part of the Tax Credits website, or by calling 0845 3003 900. Failure to report changes to family taxation circumstances could mean missing out on tax credits, or being forced to repay credits.

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