The UK is set to reject EU renewable energy targets

Ed Davey says UK will resist new EU renewables target

The UK is set to resist calls to sign up to a new target for use of renewable energy sources for 2030.

A shale gas production centre in Blackpool

Centrica ties up gas deal to supply 1.8m UK homes for 20 years

Centrica, the owner of British Gas has announced a deal with a US company that will secure enough shale has to supply 1.8 million UK homes with gas for 20 years.

Investment in North Sea oil and gas is set to help the economy

Osborne boost as Treasury set to receive £25bn Oil windfall

Investment in North Sea oil and gas production is rising and will provide extra jobs and a £100 billion economic boost and a £25 billion windfall for the government.

National Grid attacks Ofgem's upgrade plans

Ofgem limit returns available to National Grid on energy upgrade

National Grid has blasted Ofgem plans for a £22bn upgrade that will hike average gas and electricity bills by £11 a year, claiming they are not ambitious enough.

Standby mode clocks up on the electricity bill

Energy Savings Trust report says £1.3b wasted by not switching off

Households are throwing away up to £1.3 billion a year by leaving PCs, TVs and other appliances plugged in or left on standby when not in use, new research reveals.

Households 'will pay £100 more for electricity'

Electricity bills to rise by £100 a year in energy reforms

Households will be charged around £100 a year more for electricity bills under plans to build nuclear power stations and wind farms over the next 20 years.

SSE profits helped by renewable energy boost

SSE to freeze energy prices until October as profits rise

SSE, one of the UK’s ‘big six’ energy suppliers, has reported a two per cent rise in profits, boosted by growth in its power generation unit.

Collective switching aims to empower consumers

Collective switching ‘could get better deals for consumers’

Collective switching using social media could shift the balance of power from suppliers to consumers, a new report suggests.

Ovo Energy has cut the cost of its dual fuel energy tariff by five per cent

OVO cut dual fuel prices and lay down gauntlet to big six

Ovo Energy has cut the cost of its dual fuel tariff by five per cent for new and existing customers in a move that adds pressure to the 'big six' to follow suit.

Wales has the highest proportion of households in fuel poverty in the UK

Wales tops fuel poverty league

Research from puts Wales at the top of the fuel poverty league and the region also has the highest average bills in the UK. London is at the bottom.

Energy supplier npower has been fined £2 million over customer complaint failures

Npower handed £2m fine for mishandling complaints

Npower, one of Britain's 'big six' energy companies, has been fined £2 million by Ofgem for mishandling complaints from its customers.

Scottish and Southern Energy believes auctioning its electricity will remove barriers to entry

SSE reveals energy auction plans

Barriers to entry for smaller companies trying to get into the energy market look set to be reduced after Scottish and Southern Energy revealed a shake-up of the way it supplies energy.

Chris Huhne will promise to "get tough" with Britain's energy suppliers in a speech to the Liberal Democrat conference

Chris Huhne targets 'big six' energy companies

Energy secretary Chris Huhne is to say the "predatory pricing" methods used by Britain's biggest energy suppliers must stop.

EDF saw an increase in complaints in the second quarter of 2011, Consumer Focus has revealed

EDF has 'worst energy complaints rating'

Energy supplier EDF came bottom of the table in a survey of customer complaints within the industry.

Chris Huhne has said energy prices 'will rise' under new proposals

Chris Huhne admits energy prices will rise under new proposals

Energy secretary Chris Huhne has admitted electricity bills will rise as a result of a proposed £110 billion government investment.

Plans to spend £110 billion on the UK's electricity infrastructure have been unveiled

Huhne unveils £110bn electricity investment

Chris Huhne has revealed the government's £110 billion plan to revamp the UK electricity network.

Digital smart meters give homeowners detailed information on their energy use

DECC warned over smart meter scheme

The National Audit Office has raised concerns over a Department of Energy and Climate Change proposal to install smart meters across the country.

ScottishPower investigated over 'savings' claim

Ofgem to probe ScottishPower for Direct October 2012 pricing promise

ScottishPower's claim that its Direct October 2012 offer saves £459 has attracted the attention of industry regulator Ofgem.

Brits "taking a stand" against energy price rises

Brits "taking a stand" against energy price rises

British energy consumers are fighting back against rising costs by seeking out new ways to lower their fuel bills.

Inflation is bearing down on British budgets

One in four households reach financial edge due to inflation

Nearly a quarter of households were already at their financial limits before this week's confirmation that inflation remains at 4.5 per cent.

Poor households see their outgoings rise more

Inflation is higher for poorer households

Essential outgoings like food and energy cause real-terms inflation to be higher for poorer households.

Consumers 'can lower energy bills despite price rises'

Consumers 'can lower energy bills despite price rises' have told consumers that it is possible to make savings on the cost of their energy bills by taking steps such as seeking a better deal and making changes in their household.

Scottish Power energy bills up 10-19%

Scottish Power announce gas and electricity price rises

Consumer Focus warns that other utility providers could follow Scottish Power's energy price rise of ten per cent on electricity and 19 per cent for gas.

Centrica to operate South Morecambe intermittently

British Gas turns to imports as Morecambe profitability hits zero

Crippling taxes have left Centrica reassessing profitability in South Morecambe as the government has imposed an 81 per cent total rate on output.

Energy bills 'on the increase'

British Gas launch WebSaver 12 fixed energy tariff

Consumers have been advised to take a look at their energy bills as tariffs are currently in the process of changing.

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